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Date: 04/16/14

Poll Shows Strong Support for Welfare Reform, Not Expansion

Public poll from Dem-leaning firm shows Mainers' frustration with liberal policies

AUGUSTA - The Pan Atlantic SMS Group, a Portland-based research firm with a reputation for leaning left, has released its 53rd Maine omnibus poll. The poll indicates strong support for welfare reform in the wake of liberal politicians killing four welfare reform bills introduced by Republicans and Gov. Lepage.

The poll also shows Mainers divided on the issue of ObamaCare's welfare expansion, with 45.7 percent opposing and 48.5 percent supporting the measure, well within the poll's 4.9 percent margin of error. Democrats have repeatedly attempted to assert that Medicaid expansion is supported by an overwhelming majority of Mainers. They supported this narrative by pushing biased polls conducted by the liberal Maine People's Alliance and others.

"This poll makes clear that Mainers want their leaders to reform our broken welfare system, not double-down on more welfare expansion under ObamaCare," said House Republican Leader Ken Fredette of Newport. "Democratic politicians created the welfare status quo over 40 years of one-party rule in Augusta, and after this year's session it's clear that they have no interest in making changes."

Respondents were asked, "which of the following statements comes closest to reflecting your values?"

A. "Welfare fraud is rampant in Maine, and we need to crack down on its abuse." (55 percent)

B. "People are struggling economically and we need to help those in need." (40.7 percent)

The strong support for the first statement is especially notable considering how innocuous the second statement is. A statement "B" that implied a lack of welfare abuse would likely have driven support for statement "A" even higher, observed Assistant House Republican Leader Alex Willette of Mapleton.

Rep. Willette added: "Such strong support for welfare reform and weak support for welfare expansion among Mainers begs the question, 'why are Maine's Democratic politicians so out of touch?'"


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