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Rep. Fredette (left) and Sen. Thibodeau (right) take questions from the press corps in Oct. 2013.
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Date: 02/03/14

GOP Leaders Look Forward to State of the State Address Focused on Jobs and Reform

Gov. LePage to deliver annual address to legislature Tuesday

AUGUSTA - House Republican Leader Ken Fredette of Newport and Senate Republican Leader Michael Thibodeau of Winterport are looking forward to Governor LePage's annual State of the State address before a joint session of the Maine House and Senate in the House Chamber Tuesday evening.

The Republican leaders expect an emphasis on the progress of Republican job-creating reforms and a preview of more to come this year.

"Governor LePage's reforms have significantly reduced Maine's unemployment rate and the drop is because people are finding jobs, not quitting the search," said Rep. Fredette, referring to the December jobs report showing Maine's 6.2 percent unemployment rate and higher than average employment to population ratio. "With reforms to Maine's tax, welfare, regulatory, and energy policies, we are finally seeing economic growth after decades of Democratic party rule."

They also expect Governor LePage to make his case for the need to reform Maine's bloated Medicaid system to focus on disabled and elderly Mainers instead of able-bodied young adults.

"Democrats are proposing to expand the very welfare program that has just given us a budget shortfall and is responsible for racking up the massive hospital debt that Gov. LePage and Republican lawmakers pushed to pay off," said Sen. Thibodeau. "Gov. LePage has made it clear that he's focused on making Medicaid work for the disabled Mainers it was originally intended to help, not able-bodied adults, and I think we can expect him to make that argument Tuesday night."

Maine Republicans are focused on putting an end to Maine's Demographic (or Democratic) Winter by enacting policies that make it easier for young people to live and work in Maine, with more jobs, more freedom, and less debt.

"Paying off the welfare debt to our hospitals was a sign that this Governor cares about the future of our state and the burdens old debts have on new workers," said Rep. Fredette.

"Young people want jobs, not welfare, and the past three years have proven which of the two Governor LePage wants to expand," added Sen. Thibodeau.

The State of the State Address will take place in the House Chamber at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 4. It can be watched live, in its entirety, on MPBN radio, TV, and web.


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