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Date: 12/30/13

Liberal Think Tank Seeks New Analyst to Combat Rep. Lockman Columns

Prolific Republican state lawmaker a regular on Maine's editorial pages

AUGUSTA - The Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP), a liberal think tank, has posted a job opening for a new policy analyst, and recent columns by Amherst Republican Lawrence Lockman appear to be a big factor in their hiring decision.

As part of the application process, the center asks applicants to write a rebuttal to one of Rep. Lockman's recent op-eds about the downsides to Medicaid expansion.

"To be considered," reads the job posting, "applicants must submit a sample blog post (no more than 400 words) that responds to or addresses issues raised in the op-ed linked here."

The link points applicants to a Lockman op-ed on The Maine Wire, a conservative news organization, which also appeared in the Lewiston Sun Journal. This particular op-ed by Rep. Lockman is entitled, "Preserve the Safety Net for the Truly Needy," and argues that Democrats have spent increasing amounts of welfare dollars on able-bodied young adults instead of helping the truly needy. He also argues that the proposed medical welfare expansion would be a fiscal disaster for the state, and amounts to "chaining us to the caboose of the ObamaCare train wreck."

"My op-eds must really pose a problem for the liberal argument in the eyes of this think tank," said Rep. Lockman. "I'm glad they're having an effect. My objective is to expose liberalism's utter failure for the past four decades of one-party rule in Maine, and highlight the real progress that's been made under Republican leadership at the Statehouse."

"The only 'economic policy' advanced by the Maine Center for Economic Policy and their Democratic friends in the legislature has been to turn the safety net into a hammock," added Lockman. "And now they have the nerve to lecture us that we have a moral obligation to make the hammock bigger and more comfortable."


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