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House Republican Leader Ken Fredette of Newport
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Date: 11/15/13

Job-Killing Tax Hikes from Special Committee Won't Have GOP Leader's Support

Maine has spending problem; not tax revenue problem

AUGUSTA - House Republican Leader Ken Fredette of Newport today warned that the special committee established in the biennial budget to cut tax deductions and credits for Maine businesses will not have his support if its focus is on increasing Maine's tax burden.

The Tax Expenditure Review Task Force will meet Monday to work on its proposal to eliminate $40 million worth of deductions and credits.

"There were parts of the budget that Republicans disagreed with, and this is one of those parts," said Rep. Fredette. "Now that we don't have the prospect of a government shutdown staring us in the face, we can take the time to find better solutions to Maine's fiscal problems. Maine state spending has increased by 25 percent over the past 20 years even when counting inflation, and our welfare spending has almost doubled even though our poverty rate has remained constant."

"Meanwhile, Maine remains among the most heavily-taxed states in the nation," Fredette continued. "Most Mainers agree that our budget problems are spending problems, not taxing problems. Our number one goal should be growing Maine's economy and creating jobs, not implementing job-killing tax hikes to mask our welfare spending addiction."


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