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Date: 11/08/13

Rep. Keschl Continues Effort to Emphasize Importance of Free Enterprise

Open letter from Governor LePage praises job-creating effect of free enterprise

AUGUSTA - Governor LePage, at the urging of Rep. Dennis Keschl (R-Belgrade), has released a letter [see attached] emphasizing the importance of free enterprise. Representative Keschl cites President Jimmy Carter as the impetus behind his efforts to promote a renewed interest in our uniquely American "free enterprise" system, quoting from President Carter's first declaration of a Free Enterprise Day in 1980, "The American free enterprise system, the cornerstone of our Nation's economy, has endured and flourished for more than 200 years. It provides us with one of the highest standards of living in the world, and guarantees freedom of choice in a way that sets us apart among nations."

"Over time, more and more people seem to forget or underestimate the value of the free enterprise system," said Rep. Keschl. "We need to educate folks about the role of free enterprise in a strong economy to ensure that our state is open for business so that Mainers can prosper. I am proud to promote free enterprise policies in my service as a State Representative."

In his letter, Governor LePage said, "In the State of Maine it is important to create a business climate in which the private sector prospers. This is done by enacting low taxes, competitive energy prices, and common sense regulatory laws."

With great strides made toward addressing the goals outlined by the Governor, Rep. Keschl notes there is more to be done, and an appreciation of the free enterprise system by Mainers is essential. Rep. Keschl stated "It is my hope that with an increased understanding and appreciation of the free enterprise system, Mainers will be driven to improve the business climate of our state, and with that, see the economy improve."


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