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Date: 10/01/13

Rep. Rick Long Happy to Receive Poor Marks from Liberal Activist Group

Says 'perfect score' of zero percent from Portland-based group shows his conservative values

AUGUSTA - State Representative Rick Long (R-Sherman) reacted positively to a legislative scorecard of votes taken by state lawmakers this session. The scorecard was compiled by the Maine People's Alliance (MPA), a controversial liberal activist group based in Portland, and scored lawmakers based on the percentage of votes they took that lined up with MPA's agenda.

Rep. Long, who represents central Aroostook County, voted with MPA zero percent of the time in the recently-concluded 2013 legislative session.

The leftist group's scorecard valued votes to kill Aroostook County mining jobs, oppose welfare reforms, expand welfare enrollment among able-bodied young people, allow incarcerated felons to vote, and more.

"I don't base my votes on what special interests want, and I especially don't base them on what liberal activists from Portland want," said Long. "I vote for common sense, hard work, and jobs for Maine people."

Of 151 members of the Maine House of Representatives, 48 received "100 percent" scores for voting in compliance with MPA's liberal agenda. All 48 were Democrats or liberal, unenrolled members. Long was one of 30 Republicans to receive "0 percent" scores for voting for conservative values.

"I'll call that a perfect score," said Long. "The Democrats have had plenty of chances over decades of being in the majority in the legislature to get it right, and it's time for some change. It's time for a return to the conservative values of fiscal responsibility and personal accountability."

Maine People's Alliance has gained notoriety for bringing mobs of protestors into the State House, at one time even shouting down a Multiple Sclerosis awareness event in order to make their statement. They are funded in part by billionaire hedge fund manager and major Democratic Party donor S. Donald Sussman.

"They're certainly a radical bunch," added Long. "But I don't represent them. I'd rather hear from the folks of Aroostook County on what their priorities are."

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