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Date: 09/19/13

Rep. Willette's Letter to the Bangor Daily News

GOP whip responds to BDN's Sept. 11 political attack

To the Editor:

Wednesday, the twelfth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, was a solemn day for Americans. Therefore I was shocked to see that the official editorial opinion of the Bangor Daily News that day was spent on yet another attack of Governor Paul LePage.

Even considering the tenor of newspaper editorials since LePage's election in 2010, I felt that this was a new low.

What really left me stunned, however, was seeing a column from Dana Milbank of the Washington Post reprinted in this paper the next day - a column attacking national Republicans for criticizing President Obama on Sept. 11. Did the Bangor Daily News not launch the same kind of partisan attack that day?

I can't speak for others in Washington, but here in Maine, the House Republican Office abstained from sending out press releases or posting to its official Facebook or Twitter pages on Sept. 11. During last year's election cycle, most politicians suspended their campaigns for the day.

Over the course of our nation's history, there have been several events that brought us all together as Americans and helped us to set aside our partisan differences. Pearl Harbor, JFK's assassination, and the Challenger explosion all stand as examples. September 11 can remain one of those days for this generation and the next. This paper can either encourage reflection and unity on the anniversary of those terrible attacks, or fan partisan flames that are trivial in comparison. I hope it chooses the former.

Best regards,

Rep. Alexander R. Willette (R-Mapleton)

Assistant House Republican Leader

Maine House of Representatives

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