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Date: 08/06/13

State Rep. Duprey Constituent Survey: Reform Welfare, Reduce State Spending and Taxes

Hampden lawmaker receives feedback from constituents; conservative reforms wanted in greater Bangor

AUGUSTA - State Representative Brian M. Duprey (R-Hampden) recently mailed surveys to every household in Maine House District 39, which includes the towns of Dixmont, Hampden, and Newburgh. The surveys asked residents for their opinions on a variety of issues before the Maine Legislature. Rep. Duprey received 217 completed surveys back, and the responses provide a valuable insight into the attitudes of residents of the outskirts of Bangor.

"I'm very happy with the feedback," said Duprey. "You see statewide polls with 400 or so respondents, so 217 is a very good sample for a House district of some 9,000 people. This information helps me to understand the policy priorities of the people I serve."

The feedback advocated overwhelmingly for a return to conservative reforms that rein in government spending and tighten Maine's generous welfare system. In one question, respondents were asked what they believe to be the most critical issues concerning Maine citizens. They were given the following choices and prioritized them as noted on a scale of one to nine: Health insurance (4), business attraction (6), transportation (roads/bridges) (7), welfare reform (1), reducing state spending (2), energy costs (8), education (5), tax reform (3), and "other" (9).

"This survey echoes what other polls have been saying, and that is that Maine people want smaller, more effective government that doesn't burden future generations with debt and provides people with a hand up, not a handout," said Duprey. "State government taxing and spending is about 25 percent greater now than it was 20 years ago, even when accounting for inflation. That's unsustainable and it begs the question: What is government doing for us now that it wasn't 20 years ago?"

Many politicians in Augusta this year have fought to reverse welfare reforms implemented by Republicans in 2011-2012 and increase taxes in order to increase the pay of government employees and expand the consumption of welfare benefits.

When asked whether there should be a 90-day residency requirement in order for persons to qualify for welfare, 91.9 percent of those surveyed replied "yes." Another 74.8 percent believed that the Maine law that allows minor children to obtain abortions without parental consent or notification should be changed to involve parents in the decision.

Residents of Dixmont, Hampden, and Newburgh also supported the ban on Sunday hunting, increased fees for texting while driving, and direct shipment of wine to consumers. They opposed marijuana legalization and taxpayer-funded political campaigns.

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