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House Republican Leader Ken Fredette of Newport
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Date: 07/09/13

Fredette: Dems' Actions on Bonds Designed to Derail LePage, Satisfy Spending Addiction

AUGUSTA - House Republican Leader Ken Fredette of Newport issued the following statement regarding the Democrats' insistence on making transportation bonding, which enjoys wide support, conditional upon passage of numerous other borrowing initiatives.

"Democrats are proving once again that they are willing to jeopardize the passage of a jobs initiative that enjoys broad, bipartisan support just so that they can get their way on contentious spending initiatives. Every Mainer knows that our roads need repairs and that our state needs jobs. The problem is, over the years, our roads and bridges have fallen victim to a liberal spending addiction that crowds out funding for some of the most basic functions of government, including maintenance of our transportation infrastructure. The Democrats' desperation in holding transportation funding and hospital payment hostage to massive spending initiatives like welfare expansion and countless non-essential bonds proves that their addiction to spending is out of control.

But it's not just a spending addiction that's driving the Democrats' obstructionism. It's the 2014 election and the prospect of retaking the Blaine House. All year, they have been playing a frenzied political game to take credit for everything that happens in Augusta. For example, the governor proposed a smart plan to pay off Maine's hospitals. They tried to obstruct it with claims of unconstitutionality, with their own hastily-assembled version of the plan, and finally with welfare expansion add-ons. Now, the governor has proposed a revolutionary new transportation bond that, for once, isn't rife with political handouts, prioritizes economic development, and completes all projects start-to-finish. This bond is ready to go. It's had a public hearing and has been sitting on the table for four months. Now Democrats are jeopardizing its passage by insisting on rolling it together with their spending wish list.

The political games have to stop. The job creation must continue. It's time for Democrats and Republicans to come together and pass a good bill when we see it."


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