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Rep. Deb Sanderson (R-Chelsea) speaks at a 2nd Amendment Rally Outside the State House on February 8, 2013.
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Date: 04/22/13

Statement of House GOP Leadership on Today's Gun Bills

House Republican leadership issued the following statements regarding the gun control bills being taken up by the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee this afternoon.

"Bills that limit magazine capacities and increase the age for concealed-carry from 18 to 21 encroach on our personal freedoms and hurt the ability of law-abiding Mainers to protect themselves," said House Republican Leader Ken Fredette (R-Newport). "We must focus our efforts on getting at the root cause of violence, which is all too often mental illness that goes untreated."

"If history has taught us anything, it's that violent criminals don't follow the rules, but law-abiding citizens must," added Assistant House Republican Leader Alexander Willette (R-Mapleton). "Why place further restrictions that only serve to help criminals by disadvantaging good Mainers who simply want to be able to protect their families?"

Last week, Maine's U.S. Senator Susan M. Collins supported gun rights by voting against the Lautenberg-Bloomenthal ban on high capacity magazines and for the Barrasso Amendment, which, similar to Maine Rep. Wilson's LD 345, protects the personal information of concealed handgun permit holders.


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