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Date: 03/21/13

House GOP Judiciary Lead Says Dems' Tabling LD 345 a 'Stall Tactic'

Dems don't have votes, need more time to whip members in line

AUGUSTA - Rep. Jarrod Crockett (R-Bethel), the lead House Republican on the Judiciary Committee, says Democrats implemented a stall tactic at today's work session on LD 345, Rep. Wilson's bill to protect the private information of concealed handgun permit holders. On party lines (7-5, with Sen. Tuttle absent), Democrats voted to table the bill despite its reference to the committee over a month ago and ready amendments offered by both Wilson and House Chair Rep. Charles Priest (D-Brunswick).

"We've all studied this issue for well over a month, and there's no reason why we couldn't have voted on it today," said Rep. Crockett. "Democratic leadership must be worried that they don't have the votes to dismantle this bill, and want more time to be able to influence key Democrats on the committee."

In a showing of political courage, Reps. Stephen Moriarty (D-Cumberland) and Lisa Villa (D-Harrison) spoke in favor of privacy protection. Moriarty observed that FOAA was designed for government transparency, not for private citizens to spy on each other, and Villa worried that some may want permit holders' information in an attempt to cast them as pariahs.

"The amendment Rep. Priest offered today completely waters down the bill and does not protect the privacy of law-abiding concealed-weapons permit holders," added Crockett.


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