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Date: 10/11/12

Release: Rep. Guerin touts MITC as resource for Maine businesses

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October 3, 2012

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Rep. Guerin touts MITC as a resource for Maine businesses

AUGUSTA - State Rep. Stacey Guerin is praising the work of the Maine International Trade Center (MITC) in helping to foster new export markets for Maine businesses.

Rep. Guerin (R-Glenburn) enlisted the help of MITC in preparation for a family business trip in which she intends to explore new markets for her goods and services in New Brunswick. Rep. Guerin and her husband, Joe Guerin, own R.M. Flagg Food Service Equipment and Kitchen Store, a food service equipment and kitchenware company in Veazie. R.M. Flagg has been a family-owned business since 1928.

"I decided to travel to New Brunswick to try to generate increased commerce, because if people up there knew how much money they could save—both in taxes and in product cost—they would buy their commercial kitchen equipment and small wares here in Maine," said Rep. Guerin. "We have opened our doors on Saturdays to accommodate the Canadian customers that have already found our business."

As it was Rep. Guerin's first foray into international trade, she contacted MITC to find out about all of the relevant laws. She received help from Jeff Bennett, senior trade specialist and Canada Desk Director, who also told her about pickup locations in Calais and Houlton, where Maine companies can send their products for easy pickup by Canadian customers.

"This would really help businesses in the Bangor area," said Rep. Guerin. "I am looking forward to telling my fellow members of the Bangor Regional Chamber of Commerce about what a great resource MITC is."

Guerin's friend and fellow member of the Bangor Chamber, Irv Masters, owns Bangor Letter Shop, a local mail service and printing company. "After Stacey told me about MITC, I am planning on making a call to see how I can market myself in Canada," said Masters. "It's really an exciting opportunity."

For her first international trade mission to Canada, Guerin left Monday and will return on Friday. She is visiting restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other facilities with commercial kitchens to offer the benefits of buying in Maine.

Hannah Webb, a representative of MITC, said that companies will call her organization and get a broad range of questions answered regarding importing and exporting. "We will provide trade assistance, broad market reports for different companies going to different countries, and more," said Webb. "Businesses will come to us and say, 'Alright, I have a product and I'm ready to go international.' We then help them get in touch with freight forwarders and customer brokers and help them with logistics."

"I really hope that more Maine businesses take advantage of the services offered by MITC," Rep. Guerin added. "It's my hope that more trade with Canada can be a boon for our economy."


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