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Date: 02/09/12

Rep. Fossel Named to Legislature's Judiciary Committee

House Republican Office

February 9, 2012

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AUGUSTA - State Rep. Les Fossel has been appointed to the Legislature's Judiciary Committee to fill a vacancy on the panel, giving him a heavy workload for the remainder of the session. He also serves on the Health and Human Services Committee, which has been very active this year dealing with the budget shortfall at the Department of Health and Human Services.

"I'm honored by the trust the Speaker [Robert Nutting] has in my ability to handle multiple committees," said Rep. Fossel (R-Alna), who also serves on the Government Oversight Committee. "I'm looking forward to getting into full swing on Judiciary because the committee handles a lot of very important and interesting issues. Meanwhile, we still have work to do on Health and Human Services."

Rep. Fossel said his early days on Judiciary will include a public hearing on a high-profile bill, LD 1810, which deals with regulatory takings. The purpose of this bill, he said, is to establish standards for relief when state regulation imposes an inordinate burden on an individual property owner, as well as to create mechanisms to pursue the relief. The public hearing is slated for February 21.

The Judiciary Committee has one of the broadest jurisdictional charters in the Legislature. It oversees the Judicial system organization and budget; criminal procedure; civil procedure; civil actions, including torts and medical malpractice; family law; and legal services.

Additionally, it has jurisdiction over attorneys; abortion and reproductive rights; civil rights; medical rights; and human rights. It also deals with probate law; property law; property rights; unclaimed property; the Uniform Commercial Code; and laws relating to Maine's Indian Tribes, including the Maine Indian Land Claims Settlement Act.

Rep. Fossel worked on redistricting as a member of the Congressional Reapportionment Commission, and he currently chairs the Legislature's unofficial "moderate caucus."

The Maine Legislature has 16 joint standing committees, each composed of 13 members - three senators and 10 members of the House. Every committee has jurisdiction over clearly defined parts of state government. ###

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