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Date: 09/27/11

Republicans Unveil Compromise Map

Augusta-Republicans serving on the Congressional Reapportionment Commission today unveiled their latest consensus map that meets the standards of a federal court order to evenly divide Maine's two congressional districts, while at the same time addresses nearly all of the concerns Democrats had with the original Republican proposal.

The third Republican consensus map presented to the Democrats meets three of their four demands:

It keeps Congresswoman Pingree's current home town of North Haven in the First District.

The City of Waterville remains in the Second District.

A minimal number of residents are affected.

The new Republican plan does, however, move Androscoggin County into the First Congressional District.

"Throughout this process, Republicans have attempted to accommodate their Democratic counterparts on the commission, only to have them move the goalposts again and again. We feel this latest consensus map is a reasonable proposal, and we hope that they will embrace the spirit of compromise and put the people of Maine over their political agenda," said Representative Les Fossel, who serves on the Commission.

This latest consensus map will be presented to the Reapportionment Commission at its next meeting, which is scheduled for Tuesday, August 30, 2011.


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