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Date: 09/27/11

Republicans Praise Redistricting Agreement

Augusta-Republicans in the Maine House are pleased to have reached an agreement with Democrats on reapportioning Maine's two congressional districts. This plan meets the criteria of the federal court, which ordered Maine to redraw its districts. It represents the best possible outcome for the people of Maine.

The consensus map agreed to today comes as close as possible to evenly dividing the populations of Maine's districts to within a one-person differential.

Republicans on the Reapportionment Commission originally presented this map to Democrats on the Commission in August, along with other proposals. All were rejected at the time. It is encouraging to see that one of these original Republican proposals was accepted as the ultimate solution.

House Speaker Robert Nutting said "Perhaps the best thing about this development is that legislators chosen by the people of Maine, and not the courts, will be deciding where the state's congressional districts will be drawn."

It's important to note that this is the first time in recent history that the Legislature has approved a congressional redistricting proposal with a two-thirds majority. The most important action taken by this Legislature, the two-year state budget, also passed with a supermajority back in June.

Representative Ken Fredette (R) Newport, who served on the Reapportionment Committee, said "These are prominent examples of Republican leadership's ability to govern and to reach consensus on the issues that directly affect the citizens of Maine."

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