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Date: 01/25/11

Rep. Wayne Parry Draws Dual Committee Assignments

AUGUSTA -- State Rep. Wayne Parry has been assigned an unusually heavy workload for a first-term legislator. He will serve on two high-profile policy panels - the Committee on Transportation and the Marine Resources Committee.

"Serving on two committees will make for a very busy session, and I'm honored to be on both," said Rep. Parry (R-Arundel). "Transportation was my first choice. It is one of only two committees that actually are authorized to appropriate funds. My top priority will involve road projects.

"I know infrastructure is key to Maine's economy, and roads and bridges have been on the back burner for years," he added. "I'd like to see a greater portion of the state budget dedicated to highway maintenance. Southern Maine pays a large share of the state's taxes, but we don't get a fair share back. I'd like to change that so York County at least breaks even."

House Speaker Robert Nutting said an assignment to the Marine Resources Committee was a natural fit for a legislator who has spent 15 years hauling lobster pots. "I have seen firsthand what the onerous federal regulations have done to this economically critical industry," said Rep. Parry, a lobsterman and lobster bait dealer. "We need to bring all of our fishing industries back to their previous strength. In my business as a bait dealer, I see what the draggers are going through and how ever-tightening regulations are endangering their livelihood. This is about jobs and the survival of our coastal communities."

The Transportation Committee has jurisdiction over the Department of Transportation; the Bureau of Motor Vehicles; motor vehicle registration and license plates; driver's licenses; and the Maine Turnpike Authority. It also oversees the Highway Fund; transportation policy; aeronautics; highway and bridge construction and maintenance; highway safety; waterways; railroads; and motor vehicles and motor carriers.

The Marine Resources Committee has jurisdiction over the Department of Marine Resources. It oversees commercial marine fisheries management, licensing and enforcement; aquaculture; marine fish species; seaweed; sea urchins; and sea cucumbers. The committee also has oversight responsibility for the processing and sale of marine fish and shellfish.

The Maine Legislature has 16 bipartisan policy committees, which handle bills and issues that fall within their areas of jurisdiction. Each committee has 13 members - three senators and 10 representatives.

Rep. Parry can be reached at, and by phone at 286-9145. ###

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