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Rep. Jeffrey Timberlake In the News

Maine Pellet Fuels Association Commends Rep. Timberlake

April 3, 2014

AUGUSTA - The association representing Maine pellet fuel manufacturers, heating equipment firms and retailers has commended Rep. Jeff Timberlake (R-Turner) for his proposal to establish a special program to enable low income families to purchase pellet stoves to replace heating systems using more expensive fuel.

Timberlake's proposal emerged as an amendment to Governor Paul LePage's bill to direct to Efficiency Maine some of the funds from the increased timber harvest to be undertaken on M...

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Maine House Enacts Budget, Rainy Day Fund Bills

March 21, 2014

AUGUSTA - The Maine House of Representatives late Friday enacted two bills to restore the state's rainy day fund and balance the state's budget for fiscal year 2014 and part of fiscal year 2015.

"I'm glad that lawmakers from both parties were able to come together and manage Maine's finances," said House Republican Leader Ken Fredette of Newport. "We may debate the issues passionately, but we're always committed to finding bipartisan agreement on the budget and I'm glad we were able to do ...

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Turner-Area Survey: Welfare Reform, Spending, Taxes Most Critical Issues

December 6, 2013

AUGUSTA - State Representative Jeffrey Timberlake (R-Turner) has released the results of his annual constituent survey, which was mailed to each household in his district. Rep. Timberlake is serving his second term in the Maine House, representing the towns of Hebron, Minot, and Turner.

"This survey really lets me know what's important to my neighbors," said Rep. Timberlake, a local farmer and small businessman. "Lately, folks seem to be fed up with a state government that taxes them t...

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Military Recruiter Bills Spark Fiery Debate in Maine House

June 4, 2013

AUGUSTA - The House on Tuesday took up two bills concerning military recruiters in public schools. The first, LD 1502, requires that public high schools allow recruiters to administer the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test to students who elect to take it. Under the bill, recruiters, not school staff, would take the time to administer the test, which would remain voluntary for the students.

That bill was rejected mostly along party lines, 74-68. Majority Democrats ...

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Ethanol Bills Receive Approval of Maine House

May 8, 2013

AUGUSTA - The Maine House today gave initial approval to two bills designed to restrict the amount of ethanol in gasoline sold in Maine. Both were sponsored by Rep. Jeffrey Timberlake (R-Turner).

The first, LD 115, would allow the State of Maine to join together with other New England states to ban the use of the ethanol additive in our motor fuel. The bill came out of the Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) Committee with a divided, 7-6 report in favor and was approved by the House...

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House Republicans Join Democrats in Announcing Workforce Committee

January 23, 2013

AUGUSTA - House Republican leadership on Wednesday joined Democratic and Senate Republican leadership in announcing the names of the 15 members to be appointed to the Committee on Maine's Workforce and Economic Future. The committee will be charged with proposing legislation to close the "skills gap" that exists in the job marketplace, whereby employers often cannot find workers with the skills they need to fill available jobs.

House Republican members on the committee include Reps. Paul...

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Rep. Jeff Timberlake posts perfect voting record

June 28, 2012

AUGUSTA - State Rep. Jeff Timberlake, a first-term legislator from Turner, compiled a perfect voting record during the 125th Legislature. He was present for 100 percent of the roll call votes taken in the Maine House during the 117 days it was in session.

"The citizens of District 96 sent me to Augusta to be their voice in the state capital, and I take that responsibility very seriously," said Rep. Timberlake, who serves on the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee. "Lawmakers ha...

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Governor signs Rep. Libby's agritourism bill

April 9, 2012

AUGUSTA - Flanked by members of the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee, Governor LePage today signed into law a measure that could bring insurance relief to farmers, beekeepers, sugar house operators and others who open their property for "agritourism" activities.

The bill, LD 1605, provides limited liability protection for landowners who post signs stating that visitors accept the "inherent risks" of the activity. Maine already has similar statutes for such activities as ski...

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LURC Reform Bill Advances in Legislature

March 5, 2012

House Republican Office

March 5, 2012

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AUGUSTA -The Legislature's Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (ACF) Committee voted March 1 to send an amended bill to reform the Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC) to the full Legislature for consideration. The vote comes after almost a year of deliberation, study and negotiation.

Last spring, the Legislature formed a nonpartisan committee of land owners, local...

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Rep. Wallace sworn in as Legislature's newest member

November 30, 2011

House Republican Office

November 21, 2011

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Jay Finegan, 287-1445


Ray Wallace sworn in as Legislature's newest member

AUGUSTA - State Rep. Ray Wallace was sworn into office today by Governor Paul LePage after winning a special election to fill a vacant seat in House District 24.

Rep. Wallace (R-Dexter) said he was motivated to run for office by the reform agenda championed by the Republican majorities in the House and Senate...

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Health insurance reform clears initial hurdle in Maine House

May 5, 2011

AUGUSTA - Landmark legislation to revamp Maine's health insurance market cleared a critical hurdle today in the House of Representatives by a vote of 76-72. The measure, designed to generate more competition and bring rates closer to national norms, now moves to the Senate. Final enactment votes in both bodies could come as early as next week.

"The people of our state are the winners today," said House Speaker Robert Nutting. "For years, reasonable proposals to fix a dysfunctional health insur...

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Rep. Jeff Timberlake takes post on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee

January 31, 2011

AUGUSTA -- State Rep. Jeff Timberlake has been appointed to the Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, a high-profile assignment for a first-term legislator. The position will give him an influential voice on a range of important issues, from food safety to farmland preservation and Land for Maine's Future.

"I'm very pleased to be on this committee," said Rep. Timberlake (R-Turner), who is the eighth generation of his family to own and operate Ricker Hill Orchards, one of the ...

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