link to House home pageHow to Find Your Representative
if Your Town Has More Than One Representative

If you are from a town or city that is divided between two or more House Districts, the quickest way to find your current Representative is usually to check the Voter Information Lookup page.

Once you've chosen your town or city and entered your street address, you'll find two types of information there.

The Elected Officials tab will show you who represents you now, until the new Legislature (and other officials) are sworn in after the November election.

picture of voter info tab

You may need to scroll down a way to get to the information for the Maine Senate and Maine House of Representatives.

The Voting Information tab, Candidates for State Ballot tab and Sample Ballot tab all provide information about the new districts which are in effect for those running for election or re-election. You can read more about apportionment and the new districts here - District Changes for the 2014 Elections.

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