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Joint Standing Committee on

Veterans and Legal Affairs

Senator John L. Tuttle, Jr. (D-York), Chair

Senator John L. Patrick (D-Oxford)

Senator Garrett Paul Mason (R-Androscoggin)

Representative Louis J. Luchini (D-Ellsworth), Chair

Representative Diane Russell (D-Portland)

Representative Thomas R. W. Longstaff (D-Waterville)

Representative Lori Fowle (D-Vassalboro)

Representative Robert J. Saucier (D-Presque Isle)

Representative John C. Schneck (D-Bangor)

Representative Michael G. Beaulieu (R-Auburn)*

Representative David D. Johnson (R-Eddington)

Representative Jeffery Allen Gifford (R-Lincoln)

Representative Jonathan L. Kinney (R-Limington)

Representative Wayne T. Mitchell (Penobscot Nation)

*Ranking Minority Member

Committee Clerk: Veronica Snow

Policy Analysts: Danielle Fox, Colleen McCarthy Reid

Fiscal Analyst: Suzanne Voynik

Hearing Room: Room 437, State House - phone (207) 287-1310

Chairs' Office: Room 435, State House

Audio Broadcast Page:

Mailing Address:

Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs
c/o Legislative Information
100 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333

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