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House Calendar


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The House Calendar

The Advance Journal and Calendar of the House of Representatives


1st Legislative Day

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


            Pursuant to Article IV, Part 3, Section 1 of the Constitution of the State of Maine, the Representatives-Elect to the One Hundred and Twenty-Sixth Legislature assemble in the Hall of the House and are called to Order by HEATHER J.R. PRIEST of Augusta, Clerk of the House of the One Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Legislature.


            Prayer by Reverend Doctor Paul A. Day, First Congregational Church, North Berwick.


            National Anthem by Martin A. England, North Berwick.


            Pledge of Allegiance.


            Doctor of the day, Joel Kase, DO, Lewiston.


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            (2-1)  The Following Communication: (H.C. 1)



Office of the Secretary of State


December 3, 2012


To Heather J.R. Priest, Clerk of the House in the One Hundred and Twenty-fifth Legislature:


I, Charles E. Summers, Jr., Secretary of State, pursuant to the provisions of Title 3 MRSA, Section 1, hereby certify that the following are the names and residences of the Representatives-elect to the One Hundred and Twenty-sixth Legislature, in accordance with the tabulation submitted to the Governor on November 26, 2012:


District 1        Nadeau, Allen Michael, Fort Kent

District 2        Theriault, Charles Kenneth, Madawaska

District 3        Ayotte, Bernard L. A., Caswell

District 4        McElwee, Carol A., Caribou

District 5        Saucier, Robert J., Presque Isle

District 6        Clark, Tyler, Easton

District 7        Willette, Alexander Reginald, Mapleton

District 8        Fitzpatrick, Joyce A., Houlton

District 9        Long, Ricky D., Sherman

District 10     Stanley, Stephen S., Medway

District 11     Turner, Beth Peloquin, Burlington

District 12     Gifford, Jeffery A., Lincoln

District 13     Haskell, Anita Peavey, Milford

District 14     Dill, James Frederick, Old Town

District 15     Goode, Adam Alden, Bangor

District 16     Schneck, John C., Bangor

District 17     Kornfield, Victoria P., Bangor

District 18     Frey, Aaron M., Bangor

District 19     Tipping-Spitz, Ryan D., Orono

District 20     Johnson, David D., Eddington

District 21     Verow, Arthur C., Brewer

District 22     Guerin, Stacey Kay, Glenburn

District 23     Reed, Roger E., Carmel

District 24     Wallace, Raymond A., Dexter

District 25     Fredette, Kenneth Wade, Newport

District 26     Davis, Paul T., Sr., Sangerville

District 27     Johnson, Peter B., Greenville

District 28     Cray, Dean A., Palmyra

District 29     Short, Stanley Byron, Jr., Pittsfield

District 30     Lockman, Lawrence E., Amherst

District 31     Maker, Joyce A., Calais

District 32     Cassidy, Katherine, Lubec

District 33     Doak, Peter, Columbia Falls

District 34     Malaby, Richard S., Hancock

District 35     Hubbell, Brian L., Bar Harbor

District 36     Kumiega, Walter A., III, Deer Isle

District 37     Chapman, Ralph, Brooksville

District 38     Luchini, Louis Joseph, Ellsworth

District 39     Duprey, Brian M., Hampden

District 40     Campbell, Richard H., Orrington

District 41     Gillway, James S., Searsport

District 42     Brooks, Joseph E., Winterport

District 43     Herbig, Erin D., Belfast

District 44     Pease, Jethro D., Morrill

District 45     Jones, Brian L., Freedom

District 46     Welsh, Joan W., Rockport

District 47     Dickerson, Elizabeth E., Rockland

District 48     Kruger, Charles B., Thomaston

District 49     Evangelos, Jeffrey, Friendship

District 50     Winchenbach, Ellen A., Waldoboro

District 51     Devin, Michael Gilbert, Newcastle

District 52     Sanderson, Deborah J., Chelsea

District 53     Marks, Timothy I., Pittston

District 54     Nadeau, Catherine M., Winslow

District 55     Cotta, H. David, China

District 56     Wilson, Corey Scott, Augusta

District 57     Pouliot, Matthew G., Augusta

District 58     Fowle, Lori, Vassalboro

District 59     Grant, Gay M., Gardiner

District 60     Mason, Andrew T., Topsham

District 61     MacDonald, W. Bruce, Boothbay

District 62     DeChant, Jennifer, Bath

District 63     Priest, Charles R., Brunswick

District 64     Saxton, Jeremy G., Harpswell

District 65     Kent, Peter S., Woolwich

District 66     Daughtry, Matthea Elisabeth, Brunswick

District 67     Berry, Seth A., Bowdoinham

District 68     Beaulieu, Michael Gary, Auburn

District 69     Bolduc, Brian D., Auburn

District 70     Werts, R. Wayne, Auburn

District 71     Lajoie, Michel A., Lewiston

District 72     Carey, Michael E., Lewiston

District 73     Libby, Nathan L., Lewiston

District 74     Rotundo, Margaret R., Lewiston

District 75     Wood, Stephen J., Sabattus

District 76     Murphy Beck, Henry E., Waterville

District 77     Longstaff, Thomas R. W., Waterville

District 78     Nutting, Robert W., Oakland

District 79     Treat, Sharon, Hallowell

District 80     Newendyke, Melvin, Litchfield

District 81     Knight, L. Gary, Livermore Falls

District 82     Hickman, Craig V., Winthrop

District 83     Keschl, Dennis L., Belgrade

District 84     Kusiak, Karen, Fairfield

District 85     McCabe, Jeffrey M., Skowhegan

District 86     Dorney, Ann E., Norridgewock

District 87     Gilbert, Paul E., Jay

District 88     Dunphy, Larry Charles, Embden

District 89     Harvell, Lance E., Farmington

District 90     Black, Russell J., Wilton

District 91     Crockett, Jarrod S., Bethel

District 92     Peterson, Matthew J., Rumford

District 93     Briggs, Sheryl J., Mexico

District 94     Hayes, Teresea M., Buckfield

District 95     Winsor, Tom J., Norway

District 96     Timberlake, Jeffrey L., Turner

District 97     Rankin, Helen, Hiram

District 98     Villa, Lisa Renee, Harrison

District 99     Kinney, Jonathan Lee, Limington

District 100   Jackson, Roger A., Oxford

District 101   Powers, Christine B., Naples

District 102   Shaw, Michael A., Standish

District 103   McClellan, Michael D., Raymond

District 104   Crafts, Dale J., Lisbon

District 105   Espling, Eleanor M., New Gloucester

District 106   Gideon, Sara, Freeport

District 107   Cooper, Janice E., Yarmouth

District 108   Moriarty, Stephen W., Cumberland

District 109   Graham, Anne P., North Yarmouth

District 110   Tyler, Thomas M., Windham

District 111   Pringle, Jane P.,  Windham

District 112   Nelson, Mary P., Falmouth

District 113   Dion, Mark N., Portland

District 114   Stuckey, Peter C., Portland

District 115   Jorgensen, Erik C., Portland

District 116   Harlow, Denise Patricia, Portland

District 117   Farnsworth, Richard R., Portland

District 118   Moonen, Matthew W., Portland

District 119   Chipman, Benjamin M., Portland

District 120   Russell, Diane, Portland

District 121   Monaghan-Derrig, Kimberly J., Cape Elizabeth

District 122   Morrison, Terry K., South Portland

District 123   Hamann, Scott M., South Portland

District 124   Kaenrath, Bryan T., South Portland

District 125   Peoples, Ann E., Westbrook

District 126   Gattine, Andrew M., Westbrook

District 127   Volk, Amy F., Scarborough

District 128   Sirocki, Heather W., Scarborough

District 129   McLean, Andrew J., Gorham

District 130   Sanborn, Linda F., Gorham

District 131   Marean, Donald G., Hollis

District 132   MacDonald, Sharri K., Old Orchard Beach

District 133   Hobbins, Barry J., Saco

District 134   Chenette, Justin Mark, Saco

District 135   Beaudoin, Paulette G., Biddeford

District 136   Rochelo, Megan M., Biddeford

District 137   Casavant, Alan M., Biddeford

District 138   Campbell, James J., Sr., Newfield

District 139   Libby, Aaron F., Waterboro

District 140   Parry, Wayne R., Arundel

District 141   Bennett, Paul Edward, Kennebunk

District 142   Boland, Andrea M., Sanford

District 143   Mastraccio, Anne-Marie, Sanford

District 144   Noon, William F., Sanford

District 145   Plante, Joshua R., Berwick

District 146   Eves, Mark W., North Berwick

District 147   Chase, Kathleen D., Wells

District 148   Beavers, Roberta B., South Berwick

District 149   McGowan, Paul D., York

District 150   Weaver, Windol C., York

District 151   Rykerson, Deane, Kittery


In Testimony Whereof, I have caused the Great Seal of the State to be affixed, given under my hand at Augusta this third day of December in the year Two Thousand and Twelve.



Secretary of State




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            Motion by Representative-Elect HOBBINS of Saco, that Representative-Elect ROCHELO of Biddeford, Representative-Elect LUCHINI of Ellsworth, Representative-Elect GILBERT of Jay, Representative-Elect GRAHAM of North Yarmouth, Representative-Elect REED of Carmel, Representative-Elect VOLK of Scarborough and Representative-Elect POULIOT of Augusta be appointed a Committee to wait upon the Governor and inform him that a quorum of the members of the House of Representatives-Elect have assembled in the Hall of the House of Representatives and request his attendance to administer to them the oaths required by the Constitution to qualify them to enter upon the discharge of their official duties.


            The Governor, the Honorable PAUL R. LEPAGE, enters and administers to the members-elect and they subscribe the oaths required by the Constitution to qualify them to discharge their official duties.


            The Governor retires.


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            Motion by Representative KRUGER of Thomaston, that Representative MacDONALD of Boothbay, Representative WELSH of Rockport, Representative KORNFIELD of Bangor, Representative MALABY of Hancock, Representative WILLETTE of Mapleton and Representative BEAULIEU of Auburn be appointed a Committee to receive, sort and count votes for the Speaker.


            Representative ROTUNDO of Lewiston moves that the name of MARK W. EVES of North Berwick be placed in nomination for the Speaker of the House.


            Representative FREDETTE of Newport seconds the motion.


            Representative McCABE of Skowhegan moves that nominations cease.


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            The Honorable HEATHER J.R. PRIEST, Clerk of the House of the 125th Maine Legislature, administers the necessary oath of office to qualify the Speaker of the House to enter upon the discharge of his official duties.


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            Motion by Representative HOBBINS of Saco, that Representative GRAHAM of North Yarmouth, Representative MARKS of Pittston, Representative PEAVEY HASKELL of Greenbush, Representative MAKER of Calais and Representative CAMPBELL of Newfield be appointed a Committee to receive, sort and count votes for the Clerk of the House.


            Representative BERRY of Bowdoinham moves that the name of MILLICENT M. MacFARLAND of Augusta be placed in nomination for the Clerk of the House.


            Representative AYOTTE of Caswell seconds the motion.


            Representative DEVIN of Newcastle moves that nominations cease.


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            The Honorable HEATHER J.R. PRIEST, Clerk of the House of the 125th Maine Legislature, administers the necessary oath of office to qualify the Clerk of the House of the 126th Maine Legislature to enter upon the discharge of her official duties.


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            Motion by Representative ROCHELO of Biddeford, that Representative GOODE of Bangor, Representative LUCHINI of Ellsworth, Representative HARVELL of Farmington and Representative KESCHL of Belgrade be appointed a Committee to receive, sort and count votes for Assistant Clerk of the House.


            Representative PETERSON of Rumford moves that the name of ROBERT B. HUNT of Yarmouth be placed in nomination for Assistant Clerk of the House.


            Representative MAREAN of Hollis seconds the motion.


            Representative GILBERT of Jay moves that nominations cease.


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            The Honorable HEATHER J.R. PRIEST, Clerk of the House of the 125th Maine Legislature, administers the necessary oath of office to qualify the Assistant Clerk of the House and the Sergeant-at-Arms to enter upon the discharge of their official duties.


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            Motion by Representative HAYES of Buckfield, that Representative CAREY of Lewiston, Representative MONAGHAN-DERRIG of Cape Elizabeth, Representative MOONEN of Portland, Representative BLACK of Wilton, Representative FITZPATRICK of Houlton, Representative WILSON of Augusta and Representative KESCHL of Belgrade be appointed a Committee to notify the Governor of the organization of the House.


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            (4-1)  On motion of Representative BERRY of Bowdoinham, the following House Order:  (H.O. 1)


            ORDERED, that the House Rules of the 125th Maine House of Representatives shall be the House Rules of the 126th Maine House of Representatives.




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            (2-1)  The Following Communication: (H.C. 2)



Office of the Secretary of State


December 3, 2012


To the Speaker of the House in the One Hundred and Twenty-sixth Legislature:


I, Charles E. Summers, Jr., Secretary of State, in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the State of Maine, having tabulated the returns of the votes cast for State Representatives at the General Election held on the sixth day of November in the year Two Thousand and Twelve;


REPORT AS FOLLOWS; that the following named persons having received a plurality of the votes cast, appear to have been elected:


District 1

Martin, John L., Eagle Lake                                                   1,863

Nadeau, Allen Michael, Fort Kent                                        2,140


District 2

Roy, Jonathan James, Frenchville                                        1,674

Theriault, Charles Kenneth, Madawaska                             2,506


District 3

Ayotte, Bernard L. A., Caswell                                              2,025

Maynard, Gail C., Woodland                                                 1,330


District 4

Goughan, R. Mark, Caribou                                                   1,318

Martin, David Allen, Caribou                                                   976

McElwee, Carol A., Caribou                                                  1,367


District 5

Saucier, Robert J., Presque Isle                                             1,933

Willette, Michael J., Presque Isle                                          1,821


District 6

Adams, Darrell A., Mars Hill                                                 1,550

Clark, Tyler, Easton                                                                2,307


District 7

Haines, Troy A., Mapleton                                                     1,824

Willette, Alexander Reginald, Mapleton                             2,005


District 8

Fitzpatrick, Joyce A., Houlton                                               2,308

Jenkins, Michael L., Houlton                                                    991


District 9

Hunt, Patrick E., Island Falls                                                  1,640

Long, Ricky D., Sherman                                                        2,479


District 10

Perkins, Debbi J., Millinocket                                               1,617

Stanley, Stephen S., Medway                                                 2,336


District 11

Turner, Beth Peloquin, Burlington                                        3,194


District 12

Gifford, Jeffery A., Lincoln                                                   2,113

Gilman, Aaron K., Enfield                                                      1,838


District 13

Haskell, Anita Peavey, Milford                                             2,623

Kirkland, Adam S., Milford                                                   1,429


District 14

Dill, James Frederick, Old Town                                           2,577

Klitch, Carol Lord, Old Town                                                1,351


District 15

Canders, Samuel E., Bangor                                                   1,155

Goode, Adam Alden, Bangor                                                 2,465


District 16

Damon, Douglas K., Bangor                                                   1,293

Schneck, John C., Bangor                                                       1,884


District 17

Budd, Mary A., Bangor                                                           1,913

Kornfield, Victoria P., Bangor                                               2,306

Others                                                                                                0


District 18

Frey, Aaron M., Bangor                                                          2,568

Parker, James W., Veazie                                                       1,890


District 19

Littlefield, Adam Warren, Orono                                          1,334

Tipping-Spitz, Ryan D., Orono                                              3,154


District 20

Johnson, David D., Eddington                                               2,958

Pratt, Benjamin Marriner, Eddington                                   2,410


District 21

Rogers, William T., Jr., Brewer                                              2,152

Verow, Arthur C., Brewer                                                       2,572


District 22

Guerin, Stacey Kay, Glenburn                                               3,653

Slagger, David Allen, Kenduskeag                                       1,299


District 23

Reed, Roger E., Carmel                                                           3,426

Thomas, Richard A., Hermon                                                2,089


District 24

Pearson, David B., Dexter                                                      1,705

Wallace, Raymond A., Dexter                                               2,116


District 25

Austin, Frederick H., Newport                                               1,084

Fredette, Kenneth Wade, Newport                                        3,342


District 26

Davis, Paul T., Sr., Sangerville                                              3,534


District 27

Dowse, Harold Burgess, Cambridge                                     1,560

Johnson, Peter B., Greenville                                                3,078


District 28

Cray, Dean A., Palmyra                                                          2,826

Swain, Daniel S., Canaan                                                        1,659


District 29

Engelhardt, Robert G., Sr., Pittsfield                                     1,844

Short, Stanley Byron, Jr., Pittsfield                                       1,855


District 30

Lockman, Lawrence E., Amherst                                          2,188

Mahar, Dennis L., Pembroke                                                 2,082


District 31

Clark, Harold R., Jr., Calais                                                    1,324

Maker, Joyce A., Calais                                                          2,156


District 32

Cassidy, Katherine, Lubec                                                     2,129

Radeka, Michael, Whiting                                                      1,515


District 33

Doak, Peter, Columbia Falls                                                  2,299

Finnegan, Lawrence, Jonesport                                             1,670


District 34

Malaby, Richard S., Hancock                                                3,224

Morison, Arthur M., Hancock                                                   568


District 35

Hubbell, Brian L., Bar Harbor                                               2,821

Paradis, Paul A., Bar Harbor                                                  2,078


District 36

Kumiega, Walter A., III, Deer Isle                                         3,206

Strauss, Kim, Tremont                                                            1,716


District 37

Chapman, Ralph, Brooksville                                                2,958

Hutchins, Sherman, Penobscot                                              2,349


District 38

Foster, Matthew J., Ellsworth                                                1,954

Luchini, Louis Joseph, Ellsworth                                          3,118


District 39

Bickmore, Kelly H., Newburgh                                             2,374

Duprey, Brian M., Hampden                                                  3,046


District 40

Campbell, Richard H., Orrington                                          2,439

Dunbar, Sharon A., Bucksport                                               2,117


District 41

Ares, Meredith, Searsport                                                      2,286

Gillway, James S., Searsport                                                  2,390


District 42

Brooks, Joseph E., Winterport                                               2,126

LaChance, Leo L., Winterport                                               2,064


District 43

Herbig, Erin D., Belfast                                                           3,177

Hopkins, Donna M., Belmont                                                1,811


District 44

Chase, Lloyd S., Liberty                                                         2,508

Pease, Jethro D., Morrill                                                         2,618


District 45

Harmon, R. Ryan, Palermo                                                     2,222

Jones, Brian L., Freedom                                                        2,253


District 46

Gartley, Carole A., Rockport                                                 1,985

Welsh, Joan W., Rockport                                                      3,212


District 47

Dickerson, Elizabeth E., Rockland                                       2,590

Mank, Gordon P., Jr., Rockland                                            1,045


District 48

Collins, Michael D., Thomaston                                            1,775

Kruger, Charles B., Thomaston                                             2,384


District 49

Carter, Robert E., Jr., Warren                                                 2,092

Evangelos, Jeffrey, Friendship                                              2,584


District 50

Pitcher, Joel Alan, Jefferson                                                  2,056

Winchenbach, Ellen A., Waldoboro                                     2,513


District 51

Devin, Michael Gilbert, Newcastle                                       2,861

Pinkham, Alan E., Damariscotta                                            2,770


District 52

Miller, Elizabeth S., Somerville                                            2,203

Sanderson, Deborah J., Chelsea                                            2,343


District 53

Marks, Timothy I., Pittston                                                     2,589

Soule, Raymond A., Wiscasset                                              2,391


District 54

Morissette, Susan E., Winslow                                              2,196

Nadeau, Catherine M., Winslow                                           2,248


District 55

Cotta, H. David, China                                                            2,610

Sylvester, Amy E., China                                                        1,787


District 56

Sheive, Doreen L., Augusta                                                    1,884

Wilson, Corey Scott, Augusta                                                2,084

Others                                                                                             30


District 57

Crockett, Patsy Garside, Augusta                                          1,766

Pouliot, Matthew G., Augusta                                                1,895


District 58

Foster, Karen D., Augusta                                                      2,072

Fowle, Lori, Vassalboro                                                         2,528


District 59

Grant, Gay M., Gardiner                                                         2,095

Hanley, Shirley W., Gardiner                                                1,736


District 60

Mason, Andrew T., Topsham                                                 3,075

Wolkens, Jean A., Topsham                                                   1,947


District 61

Hawke, Stephanie, Boothbay Harbor                                   2,391

MacDonald, W. Bruce, Boothbay                                         2,945


District 62

DeChant, Jennifer, Bath                                                         2,478

Rogers, Kyle Charles, Bath                                                    1,488


District 63

Bouchard, John J., Brunswick                                               1,480

Priest, Charles R., Brunswick                                                3,246


District 64

Olsen, Kimberly Nichols, Phippsburg                                  2,553

Saxton, Jeremy G., Harpswell                                                2,980


District 65

Kent, Peter S., Woolwich                                                        2,997

Warnke, Jason K., Woolwich                                                1,896


District 66

Connors, Grant Alden, Brunswick                                        1,019

Daughtry, Matthea Elisabeth, Brunswick                            2,135

Horch, K. Frederick, Brunswick                                            1,519


District 67

Berry, Seth A., Bowdoinham                                                 3,239

Troup, Corey Nelson, Bowdoinham                                     1,827


District 68

Beaulieu, Michael Gary, Auburn                                          2,674

Sheats, Bettyann W., Auburn                                                 2,020


District 69

Bolduc, Brian D., Auburn                                                       1,807

Graise, Dennis E., Auburn                                                      1,065


District 70

Bickford, Bruce A., Auburn                                                   2,264

Werts, R. Wayne, Auburn                                                      2,268


District 71

Lajoie, Michel A., Lewiston                                                   3,669


District 72

Carey, Michael E., Lewiston                                                  1,528

Marcotte, Michael J., Lewiston                                                920


District 73

Libby, Nathan L., Lewiston                                                    2,241

Poulin, Larry J., Lewiston                                                      1,223


District 74

Lajoie, Timothy John, Lewiston                                            1,441

Rotundo, Margaret R., Lewiston                                           2,593


District 75

Ver Sluis, Katherine E., Sabattus                                          1,839

Wood, Stephen J., Sabattus                                                    2,836


District 76

Andre, Mark, Oakland                                                            1,268

Murphy Beck, Henry E., Waterville                                     2,304


District 77

Longstaff, Thomas R. W., Waterville                                   2,511

Perry, Richard, Waterville                                                     1,209


District 78

Hayes, Harry, Oakland                                                           1,849

Nutting, Robert W., Oakland                                                 2,898


District 79

Guerrette, William G., III, West Gardiner                            2,349

Treat, Sharon, Hallowell                                                         2,758


District 80

Newendyke, Melvin, Litchfield                                            2,459

Sukeforth, Rachel Lynne, Litchfield                                    2,455


District 81

Castonguay, Maurice C., Livermore Falls                           2,037

Knight, L. Gary, Livermore Falls                                          2,388


District 82

Davis, Scott L., Winthrop                                                       2,060

Hickman, Craig V., Winthrop                                                2,931


District 83

Boivin, Pamela J., Manchester                                              2,380

Keschl, Dennis L., Belgrade                                                   2,972


District 84

Kusiak, Karen, Fairfield                                                         2,252

Picchiotti, John J., Fairfield                                                   1,977


District 85

McCabe, Jeffrey M., Skowhegan                                          2,469

Skillings, Donald L., Skowhegan                                          1,423


District 86

Dorney, Ann E., Norridgewock                                             2,239

Goff, Edward Russell, IV, Norridgewock                            1,947


District 87

Brooks, Clinton W., Jay                                                          1,823

Gilbert, Paul E., Jay                                                                 2,833


District 88

Dunphy, Larry Charles, Embden                                           2,788

Seams, Colby James, Anson                                                  1,528


District 89

Harvell, Lance E., Farmington                                               2,368

Welch, Keith A., Farmington                                                 1,854


District 90

Black, Russell J., Wilton                                                        3,066

Stovall, Richard M., Phillips                                                  1,401


District 91

Broderick, Michael K., Bethel                                               1,947

Crockett, Jarrod S., Bethel                                                     3,089


District 92

Peterson, Matthew J., Rumford                                             2,946

Skolfield, Thomas H., Weld                                                   1,098


District 93

Briggs, Sheryl J., Mexico                                                        2,140

Keim, Lisa M., Dixfield                                                          2,043


District 94

Hayes, Teresea M., Buckfield                                                2,338

Turner, Timothy G., Buckfield                                              2,296


District 95

St. John, Mary Lou, Norway                                                  2,170

Winsor, Tom J., Norway                                                         2,336


District 96

Sirois, Lawrence G., Turner                                                   2,576

Timberlake, Jeffrey L., Turner                                              2,664


District 97

Cunningham, George G., Fryeburg                                       2,163

Rankin, Helen, Hiram                                                             2,484


District 98

Hagerman, Roxanna R., Bridgton                                          2,320

Villa, Lisa Renee, Harrison                                                    2,811


District 99

Goldsberry, Lee F., Cornish                                                   1,653

Kinney, Jonathan Lee, Limington                                         2,408

Upham, Elihu J. A., Denmark                                                    708


District 100

Jackson, Roger A., Oxford                                                     2,565

O'Neill, Colin Delaney, Oxford                                             1,756


District 101

Mondville, Laurie A., Casco                                                  2,375

Powers, Christine B., Naples                                                  2,484


District 102

Delaney, Todd R., Standish                                                    1,546

Shaw, Michael A., Standish                                                   2,301

Wakefield, Michael, Standish                                                   573


District 103

McClellan, Michael D., Raymond                                         2,715

Stephenson, Leslie J., Raymond                                            2,394


District 104

Crafts, Dale J., Lisbon                                                             3,769


District 105

Espling, Eleanor M., New Gloucester                                   3,321

Stevens, Nichole Dawn, New Gloucester                            2,223


District 106

Gideon, Sara, Freeport                                                            3,525

James, Jody M., Freeport                                                        1,837


District 107

Cooper, Janice E., Yarmouth                                                 3,238

Hough, Mark D., Yarmouth                                                    2,146


District 108

Kumiszcza, Joseph F., Cumberland                                      1,999

Moriarty, Stephen W., Cumberland                                      3,994


District 109

Austin, Susan M., Gray                                                           2,734

Graham, Anne P., North Yarmouth                                       2,768


District 110

Johnston, Ralph, Windham                                                    2,353

Tyler, Thomas M., Windham                                                 2,675


District 111

Pennels, Stuart A., Windham                                                 2,271

Pringle, Jane P.,  Windham                                                     2,559


District 112

Jones, John Logan, Falmouth                                                2,630

Nelson, Mary P., Falmouth                                                     3,256


District 113

Dion, Mark N., Portland                                                         3,503

Langholtz, Jeffrey W., Portland                                            1,685


District 114

Bleicken, Eric V., Portland                                                     1,137

Stuckey, Peter C., Portland                                                     3,649


District 115

Berner, Seth, Portland                                                             1,439

Jorgensen, Erik C., Portland                                                   2,867


District 116

Harlow, Denise Patricia, Portland                                         3,267


District 117

Farnsworth, Richard R., Portland                                          3,843

Miller, Frederic A., Portland                                                  1,107


District 118

Casey, Kevin, Portland                                                              658

MacMillan, Thomas Richard, Portland                                1,260

Moonen, Matthew W., Portland                                            2,675


District 119

Adams, Herbert C., Portland                                                  1,287

Chipman, Benjamin M., Portland                                          1,904

Tuttle, Gwendolyne Elissa, Portland                                       320


District 120

Akers, Davian Jon, Portland                                                     658

Lynn, Justine A., Portland                                                         619

Russell, Diane, Portland                                                         3,008


District 121

Monaghan-Derrig, Kimberly J., Cape Elizabeth                 3,047

Thompson, Nancy E., Cape Elizabeth                                  2,336


District 122

Kessler, Christopher, South Portland                                   1,119

Morrison, Terry K., South Portland                                      3,101

Sarbanis, Thomas George, II, South Portland                      1,009


District 123

Bishop, Roger A., Cape Elizabeth                                            939

Hamann, Scott M., South Portland                                        2,726

Myrick, Kenneth Earl, South Portland                                 1,575


District 124

Battle, Kevin J., South Portland                                            1,873

Kaenrath, Bryan T., South Portland                                      2,102


District 125

Lawson, Michael E., Westbrook                                           1,668

Peoples, Ann E., Westbrook                                                  2,915


District 126

Gattine, Andrew M., Westbrook                                           2,437

Maloney, Matthew R., Westbrook                                        1,414


District 127

Aranson, Paul, Scarborough                                                  2,716

Volk, Amy F., Scarborough                                                    2,728


District 128

Caterina, Jean-Marie, Scarborough                                      2,923

Sirocki, Heather W., Scarborough                                        3,038


District 129

Knapp, Jane S., Gorham                                                         2,178

McLean, Andrew J., Gorham                                                 3,548


District 130

Mattingly, Matthew L., Gorham                                            1,954

Sanborn, Linda F., Gorham                                                    2,612


District 131

Marean, Donald G., Hollis                                                     2,806

Usher, Ronald E., Buxton                                                       2,096


District 132

Frenette, Roxanne Victoria, Old Orchard Beach                2,296

MacDonald, Sharri K., Old Orchard Beach                         2,591

Others                                                                                             42


District 133

Hobbins, Barry J., Saco                                                          2,702

Kouzounas, Demitroula, Saco                                               1,741


District 134

Chenette, Justin Mark, Saco                                                  3,106

Wyman, Roland P., Saco                                                        2,039


District 135

Aberle, Perry V., Biddeford                                                   1,474

Beaudoin, Paulette G., Biddeford                                         2,588


District 136

Rochelo, Megan M., Biddeford                                             1,868

Rowe, Lucille R., Biddeford                                                      760


District 137

Casavant, Alan M., Biddeford                                               2,574

Guay, William M., Kennebunkport                                      2,559


District 138

Campbell, James J., Sr., Newfield                                         2,842

Meyer, Judee, Alfred                                                              2,267


District 139

Libby, Aaron F., Waterboro                                                   2,572

Wagner, Joseph A., Lyman                                                    2,378


District 140

Parry, Wayne R., Arundel                                                      2,964

Spey, Adam H., Kennebunk                                                   2,112


District 141

Bennett, Paul Edward, Kennebunk                                       2,869

Legg, Edward Parker, Kennebunk                                         2,679


District 142

Boland, Andrea M., Sanford                                                  3,384


District 143

Courtney, Adam Jonathan, Sanford                                      1,449

Mastraccio, Anne-Marie, Sanford                                        1,728


District 144

Archambault, Daniel John, Acton                                         2,351

Noon, William F., Sanford                                                     2,374


District 145

O'Connor, Beth A., Berwick                                                   2,267

Plante, Joshua R., Berwick                                                     2,410


District 146

Bailey, Burnell W., South Berwick                                       1,774

Burke, David D., South Berwick                                              541

Eves, Mark W., North Berwick                                              2,839


District 147

Chase, Kathleen D., Wells                                                      3,265

MacIver, Caitlin, Wells                                                           1,590


District 148

Beavers, Roberta B., South Berwick                                     3,180

Lewin, Sarah O., Eliot                                                             2,100


District 149

McGowan, Paul D., York                                                        3,082

Moulton, Bradley S., York                                                     2,586


District 150

McAllister, Ronald J., York                                                   2,453

Weaver, Windol C., York                                                       2,657


District 151

Lemont, Gail P., Kittery                                                          2,064

Rykerson, Deane, Kittery                                                       2,274


I, Charles E. Summers, Jr., Secretary of State, hereby certify that the foregoing report is a true tabulation of the votes cast for State Representatives at the General Election, as reported to me on the returns from the cities, towns, and plantations of the State.



Secretary of State




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            (2-2)  The Following Communication: (H.C. 3)









September 27, 2012


The Honorable Heather J.R. Priest           

Clerk of the House

2 State House Station

Augusta, Maine 04333


Dear Clerk Priest:


This is to certify that Wayne T. Mitchell was elected Representative to the State Legislature for the term of October 1, 2012 - September 30, 2016.


The Tribal General Election was held on September 8, 2012 under the provision of Chapter Four of the Penobscot Nation Laws and Ordinances.




S/Linda Socoby

Tribal Clerk




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            (2-3)  The Following Communication: (H.C. 4)





AUGUSTA, MAINE  04333-0148


December 3, 2012


The Honorable Robert W. Nutting

Speaker of the House

2 State House Station

Augusta, ME  04333


Dear Speaker Nutting:


The following is a summary of the results of the November 6, 2012 Referendum Election, as derived from the accompanying copies of the Governor’s Proclamations and the Secretary of State’s Official Tabulation of the election results, which were signed by the Governor on November 29, 2012.


Question 1:  Citizen Initiative

Number of Votes in Favor                          372,887

Number of Votes Opposed                         334,723


Question 2:  Bond Issue

Number of Votes in Favor                          334,580

Number of Votes Opposed                         350,590


Question 3:  Bond Issue

Number of Votes in Favor                          418,555

Number of Votes Opposed                         270,301


Question 4:  Bond Issue

Number of Votes in Favor                          499,366

Number of Votes Opposed                         191,454


Question 5:  Bond Issue

Number of Votes in Favor                          432,813

Number of Votes Opposed                         253,561




S/Charles E. Summers, Jr.

Secretary of State




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            (4-1)  On motion of Representative RANKIN of Hiram, the following Joint Order:  (H.P. 1)


            ORDERED, the Senate concurring, that the Speaker of the House is authorized, at his discretion, to permit radio or television in the Hall of the House of Representatives during joint conventions of the Legislature.




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            (4-2)  On motion of Representative GOODE of Bangor, the following Joint Order:  (H.P. 2)


            ORDERED, the Senate concurring, that there be prepared by the Legislative Information Office, under the direction of the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House, after adjournment of the present session, a Register of all the Bills and Resolves considered by both branches of the Legislature, showing the history and final disposition of each Bill and Resolve and that there be printed sufficient copies to meet the needs of the Legislature.  A copy shall be mailed to each member and officer of the Legislature and the State Law and Legislative Reference Library.





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            (4-3)  On motion of Representative BERRY of Bowdoinham, the following Joint Order:  (H.P. 3)


            ORDERED, the Senate concurring, that in accordance with the Constitution of Maine, Article IV, Part Third, Section 1‑A, the Apportionment Commission is established to develop in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution a plan for apportioning the House of Representatives, the Senate or both.




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            (4-4)  On motion of Representative PETERSON of Rumford, the following House Order:  (H.O. 2)


            ORDERED, that each adjournment of the House be until 10 o'clock of the following morning unless otherwise ordered.





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            (4-5)  On motion of Representative McCABE of Skowhegan, the following House Order:  (H.O. 3)


            ORDERED, that the Clerk of the House be authorized and directed to furnish each member of the House with a copy of the Advance Journal and Calendar of the House, said copy to be on the desk of each member or electronically distributed at the opening of each daily session.





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            (4-6)  On motion of Representative TREAT of Hallowell, the following House Order:  (H.O. 4)


            ORDERED, that the remaining subordinate officers of the House be appointed to serve for the present biennium as follows: by the Clerk, a Chief Calendar Clerk, two Advance Journal and Calendar Clerks, an Administrative Assistant, a Journal Copy Clerk, a House Reporter, a Senior Systems Support Coordinator, a Telephone Receptionist, and a Chamber Activities Coordinator; and be it further


            ORDERED, that the Clerk is hereby authorized to accept resignations and fill any vacancies of said subordinate officers during the biennium.




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            (4-7)  On motion of Representative NUTTING of Oakland, the following House Order:  (H.O. 5)


            ORDERED, that the Clerk of the House be authorized to invite the clergy of Augusta, Hallowell, and Gardiner to officiate as Chaplains of the House, or to invite clergy from other areas of the State as requested by any member of the House; and be it further


            ORDERED, that all clergy acting as Chaplains of the House shall receive $30 for each officiation, to be paid on payrolls to be approved by the Clerk of the House.




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            (4-8)  On motion of Representative CHASE of Wells, the following House Order:  (H.O. 6)


            ORDERED, that the Speaker of the House is authorized, at his discretion, to permit radio or television in the Hall of the House of Representatives while the House is in session.




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State of Maine
House of Representatives
126th Legislature
First Regular Session

Wednesday, December 5, 2012






            (2-1)  The Following Communication: (H.C. 5)





AUGUSTA, MAINE  04333-0002


December 5, 2012


Mr. Normand Arbour

2 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333-0002


Dear Normand:


Pursuant to House Rule 201.1I (b), I am pleased to appoint you as the Sergeant-at-Arms for the 126th Legislature.


On behalf of the entire House membership, I would like to welcome you and wish you well as you carry out your duties and responsibilities.




S/Mark W. Eves

Speaker of the House




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State of Maine
House of Representatives
126th Legislature
First Regular Session

Wednesday, December 5, 2012





            (4-1)  On motion of Representative BERRY of Bowdoinham, the following House Order:  (H.O. 7)


            ORDERED, that Representative Mark W. Eves of North Berwick be declared Speaker of the House of Representatives for a term to expire on December 3, 2014; and be it further


            ORDERED, that Millicent M. MacFarland of Augusta be declared Clerk of the House of Representatives for a term to expire on December 3, 2014; and be it further


            ORDERED, that Robert B. Hunt of Yarmouth be declared Assistant Clerk of the House of Representatives for a term to expire on December 3, 2014.





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State of Maine
House of Representatives
126th Legislature
First Regular Session

Wednesday, December 5, 2012






            (1-1)  The following Joint Order:  (S.P. 1)



            ORDERED, the House concurring, that the Joint Rules of the 125th Maine Legislature shall be the Joint Rules of the 126th Maine Legislature.  Pursuant to Joint Rule 102, the Joint Rules may be amended by a majority vote, in each chamber, on or before the third Friday in January, 2013 and be it further;


            ORDERED, that pursuant to Joint Rule 202, cloture for the First Regular Session of the 126th Maine Legislature will be Friday, January 18, 2013 at 4:00 p.m.



            Comes from the Senate, READ and PASSED.



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            (1-2)  The following Joint Order:  (S.P. 2)



            ORDERED, the House concurring, that there be paid to the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives as advances on account of compensation established by statute, 12 payments on a biweekly basis commencing January 2, 2013, according to lists certified to the State Controller by the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House, respectively.



            Comes from the Senate, READ and PASSED.



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            (1-3)  The following Joint Order:  (S.P. 3)



            ORDERED, the House concurring, that the Executive Director of the Legislative Council be authorized and directed to prepare weekly, from expense accounts to be submitted to him by the members of the Senate and House, expense rosters showing the entitlement of each member for meals allowance and lodging reimbursement and to obtain approval thereof by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House, respectively, and deliver the same to the State Controller for processing and payment, in the manner and form recommended by the Joint Interim Committee of the 101st Legislature created to study and report on a method of implementing the administration of the provision of law relating to the mileage and expenses for members of the Legislature; and be it further


            ORDERED, that the Executive Director of the Legislative Council be authorized and directed to provide the forms necessary for such purpose and provide suitable space in his office for the filing and safekeeping of all such expense accounts and other papers and records pertaining thereto.



            Comes from the Senate, READ and PASSED.



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            (1-4)  The following Joint Order:  (S.P. 4)



            ORDERED, the House concurring, that all printing and binding authorized by the Legislature shall be under the direction of the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House.



            Comes from the Senate, READ and PASSED.



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            (1-5)  The following Joint Order:  (S.P. 5)



            ORDERED, the House concurring, that the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House respectively, purchase such services, supplies and equipment as may be needed to carry on the business of the Senate and House, respectively.



            Comes from the Senate, READ and PASSED.



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            (1-6)  The following Joint Order:  (S.P. 6)



            ORDERED, the House concurring, that a sufficient number of the Legislative Record for the 126th Legislature be printed, one copy for each of the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives who so desires, the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House.  The remainder to be deposited with the State Law Librarian for exchange and library use; and be it further


            ORDERED, that suitable index be prepared for such Legislative Record, under the direction of the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House.



            Comes from the Senate, READ and PASSED.



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            (1-7)  The following Joint Order:  (S.P. 7)



            ORDERED, the House concurring, that when the House and Senate adjourn, they do so until Tuesday, January 8, 2013, at 10:00 the morning.



            Comes from the Senate, READ and PASSED.



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