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Emergency Numbers and Equipment



Number to Call

Emergency Call Stations

          Call boxes connect directly to Capitol

          Security dispatch (Building Control)



Calling from 287 Exchanges


Calling from 624 or 626 Exchanges


Calling from Public Pay Phones or

Cell Phones


Capitol Security (non-emergency)


Building Control/Maintenance




Augusta Police (non-emergency)


Augusta Police (TDD)




Maine General Medical Center (Augusta)


Maine General Medical Center (TTY)


Northern Maine Poison Control Centers

     (Maine Medical Center)



(800) 222-1222

          Emergency TTY/TDD:

(877) 299-4447


(207) 772-8850



Workplace Injuries & Illness

          Office of the Executive Director


(Debra Olken, Human Resources Director)

All workplace injuries or illnesses must be reported promptly to Human Resources in the Executive Director’s Office at 287-1615.  If the injury or illness requires emergency attention, contact Capitol Security at 287- 4357. 


Note:  For any workplace injury or illness that requires medical attention or results in lost work time, contact Debra Olken, Human Resources Director at 287-1615.  If the treatment is minor first-aid only, you do not need to contact Debra Olken.  However, the supervisor must promptly report work-related injuries/illnesses including an injury report.








Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

An AED is a portable electronic device that

automatically diagnoses certain potentially life

threatening cardiac conditions and treats them

through defibrillation to re-establish a normal

heart rhythm.  AED’s are designed to be simple

to use by lay persons.





·               Immediately outside the entrance to the Cross Café (Cross Building)


·               Clerk’s Office (3rd Floor, Room 300 in the State House)



First Aid Kits



·               Welcome Center in the State House (East Wall)

[includes eye wash station]


·               Clerk’s Office (3rd Floor, Room 300 in the State House)



Fire Extinguishers

Dry chemical fire extinguishes are located in prominent locations along corridors on each

floor of the State House and on the second floor of the Cross Building.



Wheel Chairs

For use while in the State House or Cross Building.  Contact Debra Olken, Human Resources Director at 287-1615. 



·               At 1st floor south stairwell in the Cross Building


·               Clerk’s Office (3rd floor, Room 300 in the State House)





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