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Emergency Call Stations

    Emergency call stations are installed at key locations on the State House campus to contact help in the event of an emergency.

How to Use the Call Box
Face the yellow panel on the call box and press and release the red button 
marked “Push for Help.”  The blue light will begin flashing. The box will
automatically call Capitol Security dispatch (Building Control). Identify
yourself, the emergency and the assistance requested. The call box automatically
identifies your location and a Capitol Security officer will be dispatched
immediately to the call box location. 

**Call boxes should be activated only for emergencies.**

Emergency Call Station Locations
   Parking Lots
         •	South end of Parking Lot A (near State Street traffic signal)
         •	Northwest end of Parking Lot A 
(near south entrance to State House) • South end of Parking Lot B (near Firefighters' Memorial) • Northeast end of Parking Lot C
(at green space west of south entrance to Cross Building)

Parking Garage (all are mounted on brick walls)
     •	1st floor at Capitol Street and Sewall Street pedestrian entrances
     •	2nd floor at Capitol Street pedestrian entrance
     •	3rd floor at Capitol Street pedestrian entrance


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