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Maine Occupational Research Agenda (MORA)
Steering Committee Meeting

Bureau of Labor Standards

Third Floor Conference Room


March 13, 2002

Staff present:††
Terry Hathaway & Lynne Lamstein.

Members Present:Brad Brown (Bureau of Insurance), Peter Doran (MIOHE), Ron Dyer (DEP), Brenda Joly (Maine Center for Public Health), Ruth Lawson-Stopps (Occupational Health Associates), Kim Lim (Maine Bureau of Labor Standards), Jonathan Torres (Workmed). & Leslie Walleigh (Workplace Health).

Members Absent:
Dan Cote (MEMIC), Peter Crockett (MLGH), Denise Dumont (U.S. HealthWorks), Jonathan Lepoff, Steve Minkowsky (Maine Workers Compensation Board), Ivan Most (Strategic Occupational Health), Peggy Parsons (Maine Cancer Registry), & Andy Smith (Bureau of Health).

Guest:John Barry (OSHA)



Chair Peter Doran opened the MORA Steering Committee meeting at 9:11 A.M.


Dr. Doran noted a correction to the February 13th meeting concerning the amount of money to be requested by the Steering Committee to the Commission on Safety and Health in the Maine Workplace; the amount is $10,000, not $15,000 as reflected in the Minutes.The minutes will be corrected to reflect the change.


MORA Promotion Subcommittee Report - Ron.This was presented jointly by Lynne, Ron, & Jon.Lynne handed out a copy of the MORA Outreach Meeting held on February 8, 2002.(This will be attached to the hard copy of the Minutes from this meeting).Ron presented an overview of the notes.Lynne suggested Steering Committee members jot down ideas, key words, images, etc. regarding the promotion and design of MORA.Eventually, there will be a brochure.Jon asked for input from the Steering Committee for fine tuning.


Ruth suggested that research is first as thatís what MORA is about.After much discussion, it was decided that MORA is about setting a research agenda.Once research priorities are set, then that information can be used to increase awareness about MORA.As MORA is not an organization with a physical location, the brochure should be focused on having the members of the Steering Committee be contacted via e-mail, phone, etc.MORA needs to be distinguished from other agencies (i.e, BLS, OSHA, National Safety Council, etc.).


Discussion ensued on focusing a research agenda.We need to show that we have done some work and give people something to look at.


Leslie suggested that the Data Committee come up with research questions for the next Steering Committee meeting.Each member of the Steering Committee should bring three questions to the next meeting to set a research agenda so that a master list can be compiled.MORA is the foundation.


The Data Committee and the Outreach Committees will work parallel.


MORA vs. MOSHRA - Peter D.The Steering Committee agreed to keep the name MORA rather than change to MOSHRA.


Symposium 2003 - Funding Update - Ivan & Kim.Kim updated the Steering Committee regarding the NIOSH/CDC Grant.Should be hearing between June and September of this year if they are interested in funding $20,000 for MORAís Symposium to be held May 15 and 16, 2003.It looks good as we were invited to apply, have had experience with one conference, and are the only State that has done a lot of work in these area.Kim said that he received letters of recommendation (which were submitted from all of the New England states, who will be sending representatives to the Symposium.UNE (University of New England) has offered their Westbrook Campus as the location, and Leslie Ingraham from UNE will be the organizer.


Lynne updated the Steering Committee regarding the request to the Commission on Safety and Health in the Maine Workplace for $10,000. This is a new process for the Commission, which they will be getting in place, by their next meeting, Wednesday, March 27th.Denise Dumont will be available to represent the Steering Committee and answer questions of the Commission on the 27th.


The Steering Committee will be receiving funding updates. Once funding has been received, the Steering Committee needs to finalize a timeline.


Safety Conference - Lynne.Lynne has submitted a proposal for the September Safety Conference and should have an answer for the Steering Committee in the next few weeks.


Data System Priorities - Reports from DEP - Ron. There has been an increase on toxic reporting due to EPA.DEP has a data base for 500 Maine facilities regarding toxic release, use, and waste.DEP is working on a One-Stop Project within a year or two.DEP is currently working on funding for research on toxic chemical workplace exposure, which will be public information.DEP will be partnering with DHS (Department of Human Resources), NRC (Natural Resources Council), and BLS (Bureau of Labor Standards), and MEMA (Maine Emergency Management Association).


Insurance, NCCI, WCRI - Brad.Brad handed out an Overview of the WCRI and NCCI showing what information is available, but not necessarily for public use.A license needs to be purchased.All information is copyrighted.Brad also told the Steering Committee that detailed claims data is also available from NCCI, based upon a 40 percent sampling rate, which is expected to become 50 percent shortly.The Bureau of Insurance and MEMIC are subscribers to these two data systems. Brad will talk with Dan and Steve about ways in which specific data sets from these systems can be used to help identify Maine priorities for the Agenda.


John Barry (OSHA). John was our guest, sitting in on the MORA meeting to see what MORA is about.He suggested that members go to the website, <> for further information.John, along with Skip Hoyt (OSHA), will be attending our April 10th meeting.


Other.Ruth will present the status of the legislative initiative at the next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 10th.Michael Frett will join us to speak about his vision for MORA.


Respectfully Submitted,




Terry M. Hathaway