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Maine Occupational Research Agenda (MORA)
Steering Committee Meeting

Bureau of Labor Standards

Third Floor Conference Room

February 13, 2002

Staff present:
Terry Hathaway.

Members Present: Brad Brown (Bureau of Insurance), Dan Cote (MEMIC), Peter Crockett (MLGH), Peter Doran (MIOHE), Denise Dumont (U.S. HealthWorks), Ron Dyer (DEP), Brenda Joly (Maine Center for Public Health), Ruth Lawson-Stopps (Occupational Health Associates), Jonathan Lepoff, Kim Lim (Maine Bureau of Labor Standards), Steve Minkowsky (Maine Workers Compensation Board), Peggy Parsons (Maine Cancer Registry), & Leslie Walleigh (Workplace Health).

Members Absent:
Ivan Most (Strategic Occupational Health), Andy Smith (Bureau of Health), Peter Snell (Peter Snell & Associates, and Jonathan Torres (Workmed).

Staff absent: Lynne Lamstein

Peter Doran welcomed the guests for the MORA Steering Committee Meeting: Ann Beaulieu (Bureau of Labor Standards) and Robert Demkowicz (DEP).

MORA vs. MOSHRA - Discussion on Title? - Peter D. This has been tabled to our next meeting, as there is controversy. MORA should go hand-in-hand with NORA. MORA is easier to say and remember. As Denise and Lynne are included in this presentation, Ron and Bob Demkowicz will present promotion options regarding MORA at our next meeting. They will need approximately an hour for this.

2003 Symposium - Status of Planning & Funding - Ivan, Kim, & Lynne. As both Ivan and Lynne were absent, Kim Lim reported that he received a letter of invitation from the CDC in response to the Letter of Intent for the Conference Support Grant Program. The title of the symposium will be "Using Research to Develop Occupational Safety and Health Prevention Strategies and Policy Initiatives". Kim will request $30,000. This is not guaranteed. Kim invited members of the Steering Committee to the February 19th Conference Committee meeting to plan the Conference Agenda. Kim will meet with Denise, Lynne, and Ivan. Peter Doran and Dan Cote expressed an interest. Update will be at our next meeting. The Application needs to be to NIOSH on March 8th . Kim is looking for Letters of Support or Bio-Sketches from individual Steering Committee Members. Kim has the Bio-Sketch forms and will get them to the members. It is necessary to have a time and place for the Symposium when the application is submitted.

Peter Doran announced a second possible funding source. Peter Doran, Ruth Lawson-Stopps, and Dan Cote met with Michael Frett, Director, Bureau of Labor Standards regarding funding of the 2003 Symposium. Mr. Frett expressed interest and enthusiasm; he spoke with Bill Peabody, Deputy Director, regarding the Bureauís budget; the Bureau is not able to identify funding within their budget at this time. Dr. Doran told the Steering Committee that the Commission on Safety and Health in the Maine Workplace is ready to entertain proposals. The MORA Steering Committee will explore further. There will be a letter requesting $15,000, the maximum amount allowed. One of the requirements is that the requesting agency has a Fiscal Agent, other than BLS. Peter Doran is a member of the American Lung Association of Maine and he has asked CEO Ed Miller if the American Lung Association will be our Fiscal Agent.

The Commission will be meeting on February 27th. The MORA Steering Committee will present the Letter of Intent. This will be the first time that an agency has requested money from the Commission.

Ruth Lawson-Stopps summed up the meeting with Michael Frett. There were four (4) issues discussed with Mr. Frett. They were legislation, availability of industrial hygiene data, support for Conference funding, and where MORA fits in with levels of support with BLS. Mr. Frett was to get back to them. Ms. Lawson-Stopps will follow-up with Mr. Frett. Mr. Cote suggested inviting Michael Frett to our April meeting for a 10-minute presentation on his vision regarding MORA. Mr. Doran will invite Mr. Frett.

Setting Research Priorities - Reports from Occupational Health Data Systems.

Ø Fatal Occupational Injuries - Kim. Ann Beaulieu presented this program. She handed out a summary of the BLS program, Fatal Occupational Injuries in Maine. Ms. Beaulieu went over the handout, talking about the CFOI Data Variables, the Background of CFOI, Content of Presentation, Strengths & Limitation of CFOI, Work-related fatalities in Maine (1992-2000), Work-related fatalities in New England (1995-2000), Fatal Occupational Injuries by Industry, Maine, 1992-2000, Fatal Occupational Injuries by Events/Exposure, Maine, 1992-2000, and Future Research Potential. Kim explained that the Bureau of Labor Standards had submitted a grant for FACE (Fatality Assessment, Control and Evaluation) Program, as it is not as limited as the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries. Peggy Parsons suggested that the publication, Fatalf Occupational Injuries in Maine 2000, shows a comparison of Maine data to that of other states. This publication is available on the BLS website.

Ø Maine Cancer Registry - Peggy. Maine Cancer Registry, Field Completeness for Usual Occupational and Usual Industry by Year (2/8/02) was handed out. This information came from 40 hospitals. All cases of cancers are required to be registered, but there is no way to determine if they are work-related or not. Peggy will check to see if the Steering Committee can obtain more information without phone calls to the individuals. Occupational Poison Exposures for 2001 for Maine was handed out. This information is from the Northern New England Poison Center and is broken down by Gender, Age, County, Caller Site, Route of Exposure, Management Site, and General Code Description.

Ø OSHA 200 Log Data - Kim. Handout "Data from the Workersí Compensation First Reports". Kim summarized the handout.

Ø OSHA Survey - Kim. No data is generated from the State level, but is available at the OSHA website, where there is a list of targeted employers. Leslie asked the question relating to research data: "How accurately does the lost work time injury reflect severity?" Dan stated that BLS provides the best data source for the State of Maine compared to other states.

Ø WCB Progress Engine - Steve. Steve stated that before the Compliance Report, that receipt of "First Reports of Injury" from the employer was within seven (7) days. Now, the percentages are up. The MOP (Method of Payment) percentage has gone up. Steve passed around the "Quarterly Compliance Reports", which go to the Legislature, Labor Committee, and Government. Maine is one of two states that identify employers by name along with insurance companies and self-insurers. Also, Steve passed around the " Annual Compliance Report". Two people do the entire State. Currently, there are four (4) reports in front of the Labor Committee: The Berry, Dun Report, the Government Evaluation Study, the Monitoring, Auditing and Evaluation Study, and A Proposal by Administrative Governorís Report.

Ø MEMIC Aggregate - Dan. Dan informed the Steering Committee that NCCI (Boca Raton, Florida) collects data from all insurance companies. You can get the data but have to pay for it; MEMIC has the online capacity to COMPPOINT. Also, the Bureau of Insurance. Also, Dan spoke about the WCRI (Workersí Compensation Research Institute (Cambridge, Massachusetts), which has a collection of data and analysis from around the country. Brad Brown offered to check out WCRI as to the specifics and report at the March meeting.

Occupational Disease Reporting by Andy and the Maine DEP Toxic Release by Ron will be agenda items at our next meeting.

Bill Freeman - OSHA - Invitation to Meet with Steering Committee at March Meeting. Peter Doran will invited Bill Freeman to our April meeting.

Resignation - Replacement. Peter Doran announced that Peter Snell had resigned from the MORA Steering Committee. The Steering Committee regretfully accepted Mr. Snellís resignation. Ruth and Leslie suggested that a letter of appreciation from the Steering Committee be sent. Discussion was held regarding a representative from the Maine Public Health Association.

Brenda Joly is not sure of her role on the Steering Committee. The Committee agreed that Brenda, who is a representative of the Maine Council of Public Health and Maine Public Health Association, could benefit the Steering Committee with her background in biostatistics and education role with the Council.

Dan Cote will not be available to make the next three (3) meetings of the MORA Steering Committee, but will be consulting by phone. Steve Minkowsky will be unavailable for the next scheduled meeting.

The MORA Steering Committee will meet on Wednesday, March 13th, 2002 at the Bureau of Labor Standards in the Third Floor Conference Room.

Respectfully Submitted,



Terry M. Hathaway