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Maine Occupational Research Agenda (MORA) Meeting


Bureau of Labor Standards

Training Room

November 29, 2000

Staff present: Michael Frett, William Peabody, Lynne Lamstein, Jonathan Lepoff, Kim Lim, Steve Laundrie, John Rioux, & Terry Hathaway.

Attendees: Norm Anderson, Ric Beyler, Dan Cote, Peter Crockett, Craig Davis, Peter Doran, Ron Dyer, Karl Fimpson, Brian Fitzpatrick, Bill Freeman, Michele Grant, Skip Hoyt, Ginger Jordan-Hillier, Helen King-Attallah, Alan Hinsey, Ruth Lawson-Stopps, Jeff Levesque, William McPeck, Al Mesrobian, Lisa Miller, Steve Minkowsky, Ivan Most, Earle Pease, Joyce Roy, Tom Ryan, Jonathan Torres, & Leslie Walleigh.

Agenda: 1. Welcome/Introductions/Overview/ Bill Peabody

Meeting Objectives

2. Summary of Symposium report & Kim Lim

Research agenda: what does one

look like?

3. Process for developing Maine agenda Jonathan Lepoff

4. Resources from BLS Bill Peabody

Lynne Lamstein

5. Wrap-up Bill Peabody

Welcome/Introductions/Overview/Meeting Objectives. Bill Peabody opened the meeting at 9:14 A.M. Attendees introduced themselves. Michael Frett greeted everyone.

Summary of Symposium report & Research agenda: what does one look like? Kim Lim handed out a booklet entitled, "National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) Update May 2000". His presentation included an overview of NORA as well as the development of MORA. Maine, as well as Washington and California, is preparing an Occupational Research Agenda. The first step is to set up a steering committee. They will determine goals and objectives, priority research items, MORA partnership, funding sources, and the role of MDOL/BLS. He reviewed the current research activities of BLS, including needlestick injuries (in conjunction with the Maine Nurses Association), extension ladder injuries, Workers’ Compensation Board Medical Only and Restricted Work Activity injuries, occupational disease surveillance training project (in conjunction with the University of Connecticut), study of injuries of older workers (with 10 or more years with same employer), economic impact of permanent impairment cases, collaboration with Massachusetts Department of Labor, evaluation of SafetyWorks! 10/30 hour GIS programs, and conducting a focus group with teens/parents and employers. Following his presentations, a question and answer period followed.

Process for developing Maine agenda. Jonathan Lepoff handed out a paper explaining the application process for the MORA Steering Committee. Those interested are to send a one-page letter explaining their occupational safety and health expertise and vision for MORA to William Peabody by December 15, 2000. Lynne Lamstein said that decisions would be made by January and that, at this point, the first meeting of the MORA Steering Committee would be held in February, with monthly meetings for the first year.

Suggestions for MORA Mission/Vision/Goals listed below.

· Focus efforts where we get the greatest bang for buck - targeted


· Go-to team - credible leadership team on occupational health &

safety for State

· Improve health & safety of Maine workers

· Applied research

· Public education

· Common language for data

· Strong tie w/ NIOSH/NORA

· Partnership among providers of occupational safety & health


· Prevention

· Effective method of measuring results

· Consensus of what we want for outcomes - guide as to

what research/data is needed

· Forward-looking

· Setting priorities that has solid data base to support it

· Provide direction & resources for occupational health & safety-

related research & education in Maine

· MORA process needs to be well-known & highly respected

· Priority areas kept current w/workplaces & needs of workers

· Mental health & stress issues as causal re: occupational


· Identify potential funding sources

Resources from BLS. Lynne Lamstein explained about MORA List Serve. She handed out instructions on how members can connect to this.

Bill Peabody told the group about the Commission on Safety and Health in the Maine Workplace

Wrap-up. Bill Peabody closed the meeting at 11:00 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,


Terry M. Hathaway