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MORA Steering Committee Minutes - January 18, 2001


Maine Occupational Research Agenda (MORA) Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Bureau of Labor Standards Conference Room

January 18, 2001


Staff present: William Peabody, Lynne Lamstein, Jonathan Lepoff, & Terry Hathaway.

Members Present: Peter Doran (MIOHE), Kim Lim (Maine Bureau of Labor Standards), Steve Minkowsky (Maine Workers’ Compensation Board), Ivan Most, Margaret Parsons (Maine Cancer Registry Program), Peter Snell, Jonathan Torres, & Leslie Walleigh.

Members Absent: Dan Cote (MEMIC), Ron Dyer (Maine Department of Environmental Protection), Tom Ryan (Central Maine Technical College) & Denise Dumont (Healthsouth - maternity leave).

Bill Peabody started the meeting at 9:05 A.M. by welcoming the MORA Steering Committee. He introduced Peter Doran as the facilitator of the meeting. A digest of key points from the Summit and first MORA Organizational meeting, including BLS staff discussions, was distributed for reference.

Members of the Steering Committee introduced themselves and shared with the group their background and expectations of the MORA Steering Committee. The common factor is prevention through data driven research, both quantitative and qualitative. MORA expects the Steering Committee to come up with a plan for development. The MORA Steering Committee will report to MORA on a quarterly basis. It was also decided that the minutes of this group will be sent to the members and also posted on the MORA web page. The Bureau of Labor Standards is providing support staff for MORA and the MORA Steering Committee.

A meeting schedule was set up as follows:

Feb. 21st - BLS Conference Room

March 21st - BLS Conference Room

April 11th - BLS Conference Room

May 17th - Conference at University of New England, Biddeford

Ivan Most will check to see if we can report at the MIOHEE Intervention Effectiveness Conference and the Steering Committee could meet at that that time.

The MORA Steering Committee Mission Statement recommendation is as follows: To develop occupational safety and health research priorities and guide their implementation for Maine.

Criteria for selection of Maine research priorities will need to be formulated. The NORA process and priorities will be helpful as a guideline. The Steering Committee agreed that they would proceed using consensus, with rational discussion of issues. The agenda of this group will begin by reviewing databases to identify priority research areas. Kim Lim suggested that the Committee first search out the available databases, identifying their strengths and weaknesses. At the next meeting, the following members will present a review of their databases, including sources of data, what it is, where it comes from, and how it is used. Peggy Parsons will send Lynne an Inventory Form for the databases, which will be forwarded to the Committee members.

Ron Dyer (DEP) - Jonathan Lepoff will contact.

Dana Evans (LMIS) - Lynne Lamstein will contact.

Dan Cote (MEMIC) - Peter Snell will contact.

John Rioux (BLS) - Jonathan Lepoff will contact.

Kim Lim (BLS)

Steve Minkowsky (WCB)

Earle Pease (State Workers Comp.)

Peggy Parsons (Bureau of Health)

The Steering Committee agreed to keep Peter Doran as the facilitator of the meetings.

The next meeting of the MORA Steering Committee will be held Wednesday, February 21, 2001 from 9:00 A.M. - Noon in the Bureau of Labor Standards’ Third Floor Conference Room, Hallowell, ME.

Peter Doran adjourned the meeting at 11:55 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,



Terry M. Hathaway