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Occupational Safety and Health Data Collection

And Injury Prevention Work Group


Bureau of Labor Standards

First Floor Training Room

May 19, 2004

9:30 AM – 11:30 AM


Present: Bill Peabody, Chair (Maine Department of Labor), Brian Doe (Hannaford), Stefanie LaRose (Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc [CCMSI], formerly known as Northern General Services), Jeff Levesque (Workers’ Compensation Board), Kim Lim (Maine Department of Labor), Pat Philbrook (Maine State Nurses Association), John Rioux (Maine Department of Labor), and Dave Wacker (Maine Department of Labor).

Absent: Gary Baxter (Maine Employers Mutual Insurance Company), Brad Brown (Maine Bureau of Insurance), Peter Doran (Maine Occupational Research Agenda), Denise Dumont (US HealthWorks), Vanessa Duquette (Maine Department of Labor), Saskia Janes (Maine Public Health Association), Steve Minkowsky (Workers’ Compensation Board), Louise Morang (Maine Association of Occupational Nurses), Ralph Tucker (McTeague-Higbee), and Leslie Walleigh (Workplace Health).

Guests: Martha Mayo (Workers’ Compensation Coordinating Council) and Peter Gore (Chair, Maine State Chamber of Commerce)

Chair Bill Peabody opened the sixth meeting of the Occupational Safety and Health Data Collection and Injury Prevention Work Group at 9:43 A.M.

Introduction of Members and Guests. Members and guests introduced themselves.

Approval of Minutes of April 21, 2004. Jeff Levesque made a motion to approve the minutes of April 21, 2004. John Rioux seconded the motion. Vote, unanimous. The approved minutes will be posted to the Bureau of Labor Standards’ website.

Martha Mayo (Workers’ Compensation Coordinating Council) and Peter Gore (Chair, Maine State Chamber of Commerce). Mrs. Mayo asked what the group wanted from her. Mr. Peabody explained that the purpose of the Occupational Safety and Health Data Collection and Injury Prevention Work Group is to improve collection of data to use for injury prevention. The original purpose of inviting Mrs. Mayo to attend was to gain insight on resistance from the employer community on the EDI Rules. Mrs. Mayo stated that the Workers’ Compensation Coordinating Council (WCCC) supported the rules; however, there are two (2) concerns. One being that IAIABC would not be ready for people to meet the deadline and the second, circumstances where some companies had already been using electronic filing only to find that some hearings officers would not accept it so a paper copy had to be filed. After discussion, Mr. Peabody suggested that the work group formulate questions for the Technical Advisory Committee, WCCC.

The WCCC would also like to know what is going to happen to the data once it’s coordinated and recognition that not all employers are ready to transmit electronically as they may not have accessibility to the Internet. The WCCC would also like to have a definition of "medical care" for the medical only First Reports. Also, Mrs. Mayo asked what information the work group would like from the WCCC.

Jeff Levesque will contact Dan Cote, MEMIC, regarding MEMIC’S standard of tracking EDI’s. Also, Mr. Levesque said that there is a mandatory time frame for " lost time" filing in general, with waivers. There is no hard data set for "medical only" at this time, but is on the Legislature’s agenda. It is imperative to get a work group together and form a proposal.

Dave Wacker stated that his office received a $250,000 grant from OSHA for small businesses (safety officer, type of services, etc.). He will make the results available to this group.

Mr. Levesque does a weekly computer run to target problems. Mr. Wacker said that OSHA has a right to walk in, but all the State can do is make a phone call to notify the small business and offer help.

Mr. Peabody said that the work group should create a subgroup to address the issue of defining "medical care" for medical only report and that this will put on the "parking lot" list. The results will be shared with Mrs. Mayo.

Dirigo Update – Jeff Levesque. Mr. Levesque handed out a list of questions put together for Dirigo for their Health Risk Assessment. After a discussion of the list, questions were reworded. The work group decided to have no more than fifteen (15) questions to submit and that the questions be prioritized. Mr. Levesque will work on the list and send it to Terry Hathaway, via e-mail; Mrs. Hathaway will send it to the Work Group for input. This will be an agenda item for the next meeting.

Mr. Peabody announced that he has finished the report to the Health and Human Services Committee on latex gloves. He will set it up in an electronic to send to those who are interested in receiving it.

Self-Employeds Study – Bill. Mr. Peabody announced that he has been unable to reach the contact person for this, but will continue to do so. Tabled to the next meeting.

Discussion of Injury Prevention – Bill Peabody. Tabled to next meeting.

Next meeting. The next meeting of the Occupational Safety and Health Data Collection and Injury Prevention Work Group will be held on Wednesday, June 16, 2004 from 9:30 to 11:30A.M., First Floor Training Room, Bureau of Labor Standards, Hallowell Annex. Refreshments will be available.

Adjournment. Mr. Peabody adjourned the meeting at 11:18 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,



Terry M. Hathaway

Recording Secretary