Beware of Unemployment Scams

You should never have to pay in order to file an unemployment application or claim.

The web is full of sites that will offer to file your claim on your behalf, or to help you navigate the unemployment system. By using these other websites, you may have to pay a fee and your personal information is put at risk.

The only website for filing for unemployment benefits in Maine is This will take you to a web address of, which looks like the picture below. Use the links in the right-hand column under Online Services to file an initial claim and your weekly claims for benefits.

image of the Unemployment Benefits page

We will never ask you for a credit card number! If you have given out your credit card number, contact your credit card company to find out if you have options for cancelling the transaction.

If you are unsure whether or not you are on the correct website, go to and use the Services box at the bottom of the page.