Tax Publications and Forms

Registering and Reporting forms are available to all employers. To use a form, print it and fill out all of the information requested. Then mail it to:

Maine Department of Labor
Unemployment Tax Section
47 State House Station
Augusta ME, 04333-0047

You can also fax the information to (207) 287-3733

Tax Publications

Tax Forms
Form # Form Name and Description
Registration Form Employer Registration Form
Maine Revenue Services Form for employers who need to register for witholding or an unemployment insurance account
CQR Combined Quarterly Reports
Allows employers to file online at the Maine Revenue Services Website or download forms to report how they (an employer) paid quarterly to workers.
B-9.3 Verification of Earnings
This form allows an employer to verify a claimant's weekly earnings
I-1 Unemployment Poster (Me. I-1)
Employers required to provide unemployment compensation coverage for their employees must post this notice.
ME FX-RC1 Employer's Election to Cover Multi-State Workers
For employers with workers in other states
ME UC-28 Power of Attorney Form
Gives a designated individual the power to represent an employer.
ME C-24 Election to Cover as a Direct Reimbursement Employer
Allows a qualifying employer to make direct reimbursement payments instead of contributions.
Me. FX-2 Voluntary Election of Unemployment Coverage
Allows an employer that does not have to make unemployment contributions to cover their employees for unemployment insurance.
ME FX-3 Termination of Coverage
Allows an employer whose liability conditions are no longer met, to terminate their account.
ME FX-8.1 Employment Relationship with Workers
This form is used to determine an employer's relationship with a worker for Unemployment Insurance tax purposes.
ME B-12 Notice of Attempted Recall / Refusal
Used to notifiy Unemployment operations of an attempted recall of a former employee or the former worker's refusal of a job offer.
ME TAX-62 Request for Law / Rule or Employer's Guide
Used to request a copy of the Maine Employment Security Law / Rules or the Employer's Guide
Me. TAX-80 Request for Employer Experience Rate
This request form is to be used by a Payroll Processor only. A tape provided by the payroll processor in the format listed retrieves information specific to an employer and their appropriate tax rate, competitive skills training fund rate, seasonality and account status are issued to the payroll provider.
ME C-1A (CSSF) Authorization to Correct Wages (Starting in 2008 and thereafter)
Starting in 2008 and thereafter, this form is used to correct wages previously filed and apply for a refund of the overpayment or to pay the additional tax due.
ME C-2.6NS Employer's Multi-Quarter Contribution & Payroll Report (Non-Seasonal)
This form allows employers to send wage information for multiple quarters.