Using Your MAP Card

Your MAP Card is free, but fees and surcharges apply to certain transactions and services.

There are several ways you access your money at no charge:

  • You get one free ATM withdrawal each time you receive a benefit payment, from any Key Bank, Allpoint or Chase ATM;
  • You get unlimited free over-the-counter (teller) withdrawals from any bank that accepts VISA.
  • Retail purchases with signature are free - just choose the "credit" option on point of sale machines or when asked "credit or debit." PIN retail transactions (including cash back) are only $0.25 each.
Detailed Summary of Transaction Fees
Service Fee
ATM Cash Withdrawal at any Chase, Allpoint or Key Bank ATM 1 free per deposit; $1.50 each thereafter
ATM Cash Withdrawal at all other ATMs in U.S.* $1.50 each
ATM Cash Withdrawal at ATMs outside U.S.* $3.00 each
ATM Balance Inquiry at any ATM in U.S. Free
ATM Balance Inquiry at ATMs outside U.S. Free
Retail Purchase with signature Free
Retail Purchasewith PIN (includes cash back) $0.25 each
Teller Withdrawal at a Visa Member Bank Free
Online Bill Payment at $0.75 per bill payment
Transaction Denied for Insufficient Funds** $1.00 per transaction
Monthly Statement Online Free
Monthly Statement — mail $0.75 per month
Card Replacement — standard delivery 1 free per year; $5.00 each thereafter
Card Replacement — expedited delivery $15.00 per card
Foreign Currency Conversion*** 3% of transaction

* Some ATM owners and operators may charge an additional fee per transaction. There are no surcharges at Key Bank, Allpoint and Chase ATMs.
** This fee will be assessed if an ATM or POS transaction is denied due to insufficient funds in your Account.
*** A monthly fee will be assessed on each account that has been inactive for 180 days and has a balance. Fee is not assessed during periods of activity. Account activity is defined as a deposit, withdrawal, purchase or any type of financial activity.