Frequently Asked Questions About Dislocated Worker Benefits

The Dislocated Worker Benefit program (DWB) gives extra weeks of unemployment benefits to unemployed workers in “approved” training programs. After a worker uses up all of his or her regular unemployment benefits and any extended benefits, the DWB program may provide up to 26 more weeks of benefits to help finish a training program. Workers in an approved training program do not have to look for work as long as they are attending school.

Who is eligible for DWB?

To qualify for DWB you must:

  • Be a “dislocated worker.”  A dislocated worker is someone who:
    • Has been laid off from a job or has a layoff notice; OR
    • Has been unemployed for a long time and has little chance of returning to their prior job, or getting a similar one.
  • Be eligible for unemployment benefits
  • Have used up all of your regular and any extended unemployment benefits
  • Be enrolled in an “approved training program.” 

How do I apply for DWB?

You must fill out an application for DWB. Be sure to apply before your regular or extended unemployment benefits end.  This will help ensure that your benefits will continue without interruption.  You mail or fax your completed application to:

    Bureau of Unemployment Compensation
    Special Programs Unit
    47 State House Station
    Augusta ME, 04333-0047

    Tel:  (207) 621-5103
    Fax:  (207) 287-3395

What is an Approved Training Program?

An Approved Training Program is an education or training program approved by the Unemployment Insurance Commission. Plans can be individually approved, but you can also select from a list of programs that are already pre-approved. The Maine CareerCenter Consumer Report System allows you to search for programs by keyword or location.


In order to qualify for DWB you must be in an approved training program.  If you are not yet enrolled in an approved training program, here is a list out what programs are approved. 

If your training program has not already been approved you will need to fill out an application to be sure the training program you want can be approved.  You can download an application for training approval.