The Maine Futures Institute

The Maine Futures Institute's purpose is to create, develop and support networks of individuals who are committed to helping high school aged youth raise their aspirations, navigate the new labor market landscape, and ultimately make better informed career decisions. The Maine Futures Institute will provide a dynamic, interactive learning environment for community teams to learn how to assess their economies and the changing mix of employment opportunities; assess if their schools are meeting the challenges of more demanding workplaces; and develop new strategies and information supports to guide young people into rewarding employment and careers.

Forum 2011 Video Highlights (UMF news YouTube channel)


Steering Committee

  • Theo Kalikow, UMF President
  • Chris Boudreau, CWRI Director
  • Katherine Yardley, UMF Dean - College of Education, Health and Rehabilitation
  • Sheena Bunnell, UMF Professor of Business Economics
  • Suzanne Thivierge, CWRI Project Lead
  • Tom Tracy, Founder and Executive Director of "Navigating the Real World"