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InforME BMV Subscribers Account
Security and Anti-Fraud Procedures and Recommendations


As a subscriber to InforME BMV services, you have been given access to government records that may contain personal confidential information. To gain access to these records, you were required by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) to sign an Affirmation Statement affirming that only authorized persons would be given access to this information. In order to maintain compliance and avoid violation and penalties, it is your responsibility to monitor the usage of your subscriber account and manage your user ID(s) and password(s).
InforME recommends the following policies to help avoid fraudulent access and ensure that your organization is in compliance with the Drivers Privacy and Protection Act (DPPA) and the rules regarding access to this information.
1. Assign a unique user ID and password to each individual obtaining records. This will allow you to track usage by individual and ensure that only authorized users are retrieving records.
2. Monitor account usage through the InforME Account Manager at This will allow you to view and monitor all records pulled under your account by individual user IDs.
3. Perform internal audits on a regular basis. Periodically, have the users of your account prove that records they obtained were authorized accesses. Knowledge of unannounced audits will discourage fraud and will assist you in uncovering any misuse of your account.
4. Change passwords regularly and whenever there is turnover within your organization. Changing the password associated with a user ID will keep past employees from being able to use your account fraudulently.
5. Maintain a list of current authorized users and their user IDs (including passwords is not recommended). An updated user list can be sent to InforME by email at or by fax at (207) 621-9950 whenever you need to change, disable, or add a user IDs. (Note: Never send or transmit passwords through insecure communication channels.)
6. Establish a Code of Conduct within your organization regarding the use of your subscriber account. Create clear and precise 'Do's and 'Don't's regarding the use of user IDs and implement penalties for non-compliance.
7. Educate your staff on the seriousness of accessing personal confidential information. Make sure all employees who are given access to your subscriber account understand the rules associated with access and the penalties for misuse. You may consider having them sign an internal affirmation statement certifying that they have read and understand the rules of use and that they agree to comply.
8. Distribute copies of BMV's Affirmation Statement and Chapter 10, 29 250A of the Department of the Secretary of State's Administrative Procedures Act (APA) rules to all employees and post them in employee communication areas within your organization.
If you have questions about your InforME subscription or its monitoring and maintenance, please contact InforME by phone at (207) 621-2600, by fax at (207) 621-9950 or by email at
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