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Press Event Tips

If you’re planning a press event at the Governor’s Office, the following guidelines will make your event go smoothly.

It is important for the Governor's Office and the agency to be as prepared as possible. Preparations should include the following:

  • Coordination with the Governor's staff on how the website will be viewed - Will the Governor be viewing the website from his PC or will you be projecting the site? A laptop and projector will be needed for the latter decision. (We've found that a projection on a window shade in the Governor's office works well enough so that a separate screen is not needed
  • It's very important to prep the Governor prior to the press event. Provide the Governor with talking points to expand upon while highlighting these points of the website. (He must be as informed as possible.)
  • Make sure a copy of the website is put on a CD for back-up! The state Internet connection has an uncanny way of going down when the Governor is in the middle of presenting an Internet website or service to the media.
  • It may be beneficial to plan on using a CD demo instead of a live Internet connection. We can provide the walk through on a CD.
  • A copy of this or a link to the site must be available to the Governor's Office prior to the event. The talking points should be included with this.

If a press release is to be distributed, see our Press Release Tips.