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Success Stories - Crash Reports

Department of Public Safety, Maine State Police


After launching the Online Crash Reporting service in October 2004, Maine State Police Traffic Division has seen an impressive amount of online activity. The service already boasts 60% of all crash reports ordered online.

The Maine State Police, recognizing that supplying services is only part of the solution, listened to their users and found an enhancement needed. This customer feedback resulted in "Crash Tracker," an add-on tool to the Crash Reporting service that automatically notifies a user once the crash they are looking for has been entered into the system. Because there is a delay from the time a crash occurs and when the crash is entered into the system, Crash Tracker alleviates the need for users to have to continue to check to see if the crash they are waiting for is in the system. Users simply enter the crash into Crash Tracker and then wait to be notified when the report is available.

"Improving efficiency and convenience to businesses and citizens in need of a crash report is a priority for the department," said Lieutenant Chris Grotton, Commanding Officer of the Maine State Police Traffic Division. "We are pleased that so many people have used the online services and, based on customer feedback, we’re confident that Crash Tracker will bring greater satisfaction to the user."

In the past, retrieving a crash report required a manual request to the Maine State Police. Today, individuals or insurance companies can obtain a copy of a crash report in much less time by visiting this new online service. Each year approximately 44,000 reportable crashes occur in the State of Maine.