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About InforME

In 1998, the Maine State Legislature enacted the InforME Electronic Access to Public Information Act, which called for the creation of a public/private long-term partnership to build a portal network to public information. The network is operated with oversight by the InforME Board, comprised of public and private members, who set policy and approve fees for InforME services.

InforME Mission

The Information Resource of Maine is a self-supporting and cost effective portal that provides and enhances access to public information and eGovernment services. InforME recognizes the right of citizens to access public information while respecting the laws that protect privacy and confidentiality.

InforME Vision

The Information Resource of Maine is the preeminent source for electronic access to public information and the online transaction of public business. The vision of InforME encompasses:

  • Ever expanding government information accessible through a single portal available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, via the Internet;
  • Interactive government services that meet the needs of private business and provide a catalyst for the further advancement of electronic commerce;
  • Efficiencies created through electronic access and transactions that enable government to offer more personalized attention to citizens who prefer traditional means of access;
  • Citizen interaction with government that promotes participation in our democracy by providing access to public information and presenting opportunities for public input; and
  • A profound commitment to public service

Funding Model

InforME operates through a public-private partnership model. The private partner, Maine Information Network (formerly New England Interactive), entered into a long term $0 contract with the State on April 15, 1999. Funding for the network comes from transaction and subscription fees associated with the eGovernment services created and managed by the network. InforME’s legislation prohibits any additional convenience fees in excess of existing statutory fees. Therefore most of the eCommerce services created by the network are funded by the agency dedicating a portion of the existing fee to the network for those transactions that pass through the InforME portal.

The partnership model offers a "win" to all involved – government, business, citizens, and InforME. What’s more, revenue provided by value-added services funds the development of additional free information and services to benefit Maine’s citizens and businesses.

Not all projects create an opportunity for revenue sharing between InforME and its government information partners. As a Preferred Vendor for IT Services for the State of Maine, Maine Information Network is also available to contract with state agencies for website design and application development projects for a fixed fee or at hourly rates.

About Maine Information Network

The State's private partner, Maine Information Network (MIN), is a Maine company specializing in eGovernment services.

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