Maine's State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) - 2015

In 2001, Congress asked each state to develop a Wildlife Action Plan to be eligible for State Wildlife Grants – a federal grant program that helps state and tribal fish and wildlife agencies address the unmet needs of fish and wildlife. Wildlife Action Plans examine the health of wildlife and identify opportunities to conserve species and vital habitats before they become rarer and more costly to protect.

In 2005, MDIFW, its conservation partners, and the public prepared Maine’s first Wildlife Action Plan (2005). We have accomplished much for wildlife over the past ten years (summary, details) , and we hope to continue this success into the future. Maine must revise its current Action Plan by October 1, 2015. Over the next year, MDIFW, its conservation partners, and the public will work together to identify Maine’s wildlife needs and opportunities for the next decade. Please check this website often for meeting announcements, documents, and other opportunities to become involved in the Action Plan revision process.

For more information or to provide comments, please contact us.

Information on Wildlife Action Plan Subcommittees

The committees below are composed of conservation partners and MDIFW staff and were formed to accomplish specific tasks during Maine’s 2015 Wildlife Action Plan revision.  For additional information on each committee, please contact the individuals listed below.


Wildlife Action Plan Steering Committee

The Steering Committee serves as the initial sounding board for MDIFW on both overall process and initial plan components and drafts; provides feedback to MDIFW between partner meetings on time-sensitive issues involving the plan revision; and, establishes the timeline for the plan revision and ensures that the timeline is met.

Meeting Minutes: 

September 2014
October 2014
November 2014
December 2014


Mark Stadler
, Coordinator, Maine’s 2015 Wildlife Action Plan Revision (

Focus Area Review Subcommittee

The Focus Area Review Subcommittee is tasked with reviewing Maine’s 140 Focus Areas of Statewide Ecological Significance to determine whether existing Focus Areas adequately address the needs of Maine’s 2015 Wildlife Action Plan.  This subcommittee also is identifying and incorporating the best available and most recent ecological information into existing Focus Areas.  

Meeting Minutes:

Focus Area Review: Jun 18, 2014
Focus Area Analysis: Jul 11, 2014
Focus Area Call: Aug 11, 2014
Focus Area Meeting: Sep 5, 2014
Focus Area Meeting: Sep 26, 2014
Coastal Focus Areas: Oct 15, 2014
Focus Area Meeting: Oct 20, 2014
Focus Area Aquatics: Nov 3, 2014

Andy Cutko
, Ecologist, Maine Natural Areas Program (

Public Outreach Subcommittee

The Public Outreach Subcommittee is identifying and implementing effective methods for engaging and soliciting input from the general public during the Wildlife Action Plan revision.

Meeting Minutes:

Public Outreach: Aug 25, 2014

Amanda Shearin
, Beginning with Habitat Coordinator, MDIFW (