Honor Guard

The Maine Warden Service Honor Guard is set up to consist of up to 16 Game Wardens. Rank is not a consideration as the current Honor Guard membership consists of District Game Wardens, Sergeants, one Leiutenant and the Major. The Warden Service Honor Guard is divided into two teams consisting of a Northern Team and a Southern Team. Each team is headed up by a Commander whose job is to set up and coordinate the various details that the Honor Guard is called on to perform.

The various functions of the Maine Warden Service Honor Guard are to honor retired Wardens who have passed away by sending a detail to attend their funeral, take the lead in organizing any memorial services for a Warden that has died in the line of duty, attend Warden School graduation, conduct the opening ceremonies to the Warden Service's Annual Awards ceremony, attend funeral services for other fallen officers from other agencies, march in various parades when requested, participate in the annual Special Olympics ceremonies held each year at the University of Maine in Orono, and lead the Wardens attending the annual Fallen Officers' Memorial. One member of the Maine Warden Service Honor Guard also marches with the multi-jurisdictional Honor Guard during the Fallen Officers' Memorial ceremonies.

The Warden Service Honor Guard has sent members to New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachucetts and New Hampshire to attend funeral services and sportsmen shows. Several years ago, the Honor Guard was invited to conduct the opening ceremonies of a Portland Seadogs game at Hadlock Field in Portland.