Special Investigations

The Maine Warden Service's Wildlife Crimes Investigation Division (WCID) is supervised by the Game Warden Captain who reports directly to the Major. The unit consists of four Game Warden Investigators and one Office Associate II administrative support person. Investigators are promoted from within the ranks of district game wardens. Each of the Investigators is responsible for supporting the efforts of four sergeants and approximately 24 wardens.

The focus of the WCID is to coordinate investigations into serious personal injury and fatal hunting related incidents as well as ATV, snowmobile and boat crashes. They provide resources and support to district game wardens managing these incidents, and offer assistance with more complex fish and wildlife investigations. They assist with the preparation and execution of search warrants, gathering suspect information, researching criminal histories and provide investigative support during extensive search and rescue operations and serve as a liaison to our federal counterparts, US Fish and Wildlife Special Agents. Additionally, they maintain a network of contacts to facilitate interstate investigations when visitors of Maine violate our fish and wildlife laws and return to their home state.