Cold Stream Pond Fishery Management

Fishery Interim Summary Report Series No. 07-03


Cold Stream Pond is a 3,628-acre oligotrophic lake located in central Penobscot County in the towns of Enfield, Lincoln and Lowell. Maximum and mean depths are 112 feet and 40 feet, respectively. Water quality is considered excellent for the production of salmonids. Landlocked salmon were first introduced into the lake in 1876, while lake trout and brook trout are native to the lake. The salmon and brook trout fisheries are maintained by annual stocking of hatchery fish (500 to 1500 salmon and 1500 to 3000 brook trout). The lake trout population has been maintained by natural reproduction since the mid-1980’s, when an annual stocking program was discontinued. Cold Stream Pond is open to both summer and winter fishing, with an 8 fish aggregate in effect during both seasons; 1 salmon, 2 brook trout and 5 lake trout. This report summarizes recent (2000 through 2006) fall trapnet and winter creel surveys at Cold Stream Pond. Angler effort estimates from aerial angler counts made with fixed wing aircraft are summarized as well. Regulation changes since 2000 are listed for continuity. Stocking records for landlocked salmon and brook trout are included for reference.


  • Lake trout and landlocked salmon growth problems effectively addressed through liberalized LKT regulations (5 LKT at 14”) and LLS stocking reductions (1500 to 500 SY LLS/year).
  • Landlocked salmon catch rates declined dramatically as a result, but resultant size and condition improvements mitigated the lower LLS catch rates satisfactorily. 
  • Returns of fall yearling (FY) brook trout exceptional, increasing catch rates from 0.03 BKT/angler day in 2004 to 0.50 BKT/angler day in 2005.

Written by Nels Kramer
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