Fisheries Division Newsletter


This newsletter is the first edition of what we hope becomes an annual publication.  We intend to use the report to inform you about just a few of the fishery management activities the Division has been involved in during the past year.  The information is organized by Fishery Region. For the most part the reports are summaries of each project.  In some instances more detailed reports are available through the appropriate Fishery Region. (See Regional Headquarters for phone number, address, and directions). 

This is our first effort, so we hope you’ll bear with us, as it will take some time to work out the “kinks”.  If you have any recommendations, criticisms, etc., please don’t fail to contact us.  We welcome your input.

Area (Region) Title


Map of Maine showing Fishery Regions

Fishery Region A

Rainbow Trout Project

Sebago Lake Fishing Update

Fishery Region B

Meadow Brook Habitat Improvement

Nequasset Lake Rainbows

Stream Habitat Use by Juvenile Pike

Fishery Region C

Stream Studies of Wild Brook Trout

West Grand Lake’s Sport Fisheries


New Opportunities for Fishing

Fishery Region D

Controlling Invasives

Habitat Restoration

Rangeley Lake


Fishery Region E

Monitoring Wild Landlocked Salmon at the East Outlet Fishway

First Roach Dam Improvements

Tracking Radio-tagged Brook trout in the Allagash Wilderness Waterway

Moose River Salmon Telemetry Study

Youth Events in the Moosehead Lake Region

Looking Ahead to 2008

Fishery Region F

2007 Trapnetting Results

Baxter State Park – new Pond Surveys

Invasive Species

Public Access Project Updates

Fishery Region G

Lake Whitefish Restoration

Mantle Lake Habitat Improvement

Nadeau Lake Restoration

Fisheries Research Unit, Bangor

Ice Fishing Opportunities for Catchable Trout

Assessment of Lake Trout Spawning Activity in Hopkins Pond

A Statewide Assessment of Wild Brook Trout Populations and Habitat in Maine