Press Release

July 9, 2014

Brennan Search Details/Photos

WATERFORD, MAINE – JULY 9, 2014: This morning, 77-year-old Ruth Francis Brennan of South Portland, Maine was found alive in the woods of Waterford. MESARD K9 handler Elizabeth Fossett and her German shepherd Kobuk located Bassett at 9:27 this morning in a heavily wooded area. There were searching an area assigned to them by the Maine Warden Service. Brennan was alert and in relatively good health for having been missing since Monday morning; approximately 48 hours. Brennan was brought out of the woods by wardens and search personnel and reunited with her family at Waterford Fire and Rescue and transported to the hospital for evaluation. Brennan was found approximately 1.25 miles from the point she was last seen on Monday as indicated on the attached map. She was also about 1.25 miles from the camp at which she had been staying.

The search effort including several agencies and departments to include the Maine Warden Service, Oxford County Sheriff’s Department, Maine State Police, Air National Guard, *MASAR search volunteers, *MESARD canine teams, Maine Forest Service, Mid-Maine Equestrian horseback teams, and Baxter State Park Rangers. In total, 146 people were involved in the search for Ruth Brennan. The Maine Warden Service would like to thank all those who responded and aided in this significant search effort.

*The Maine Association for Search and Rescue (MASAR) is a non-profit organization that promotes and develops search and rescue resources for the state of Maine. MASAR provides training and certification for search and rescue volunteers using nationally-recognized standards. See for more information.

*MESARD is associated with MASAR and includes certified canine search teams from Maine. Please visit for more information.

(Attached photos courtesy of the Maine Warden Service. Photo 1: Map of the search area containing the camp at which Brennan was staying, the point last seen on Jewett Pond Road, and the point where she was located. Photo 2: Canine handler Elizabeth Fossett (left) and her canine Kobuk alongside Ruth Brennan.)