Press Release

July 8, 2014

Brennan Search - Volunteers Needed

WATERFORD – JULY 8, 2014: Today the search for Ruth Brennan covered mostly roadsides, trail edges, streams, and travel ways. There were a variety of resources used over the last 24 hours to include helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, FLIR technology, K-9 teams, horse teams, trained ground searchers, and ATV teams.

The resources came from a variety of resources and agencies. The Maine Association of Search and Rescue (MASAR), Maine Game Wardens, Oxford County Sheriff’s Department, Maine State Police, Maine Forest Service, Maine Army Guard, Waterford Fire Department, and other area fire departments were represented.

Authorities are asking people who own property in the area to look around their property and outbuildings for Brennan. Tomorrow, wardens are asking for volunteers to assist in searching for Brennan. Please keep in mind that the search areas have very difficult terrain combined with thick woods and swamps. Volunteers are asked to dress in long pants, waterproof boots with good traction, bug and tick repellant spray or clothing, and sufficient snacks, food, and water to accommodate them throughout the day. Volunteers are asked to arrive at the Waterford Fire Department at 8:00 AM located at 366 Valley Road telephone 207-583-2410.

There have been several sightings of Ruth Brennan since Monday at 10:30 AM. The sightings have helped narrow the search area considerably. If anyone has seen Brennan they are encouraged to call Public Safety Dispatch in Gray at 207-657-3030 to report a sighting; an investigator will call you back.

(Attached photo of Ruth Brennan – courtesy of the MWS)