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September 12, 2007


  1. Review Minutes of August 8 Meeting
  2. OIT GIS Database
  3. GIS Web Services
  4. Hydrography and Other “Core” Data
  5. Strategic Plan – Agency Priorities/Implementation Plan


Members Present

Nancy Armentrout, OIT-DOT

Maria Jacques, ESCB

David Kirouac, Chair, OIT-MEGIS

Christopher Kroot, OIT-DEP

David Maxwell, OIT-DEP

Greg McNeal, OIT Core Tech

Janet Parker, SPO

Jason Sardano, SOS

Dan Walters, USGS


Agenda Item #1: Review Minutes of the August 8 Meeting

Outcome: The minutes were unanimously approved w/out any modification.


Agenda Item #2: OIT GIS Database

OIT has created a new database and the data for the E911 maintenance program was migrated to this new database. The rest of the vector data will be migrated to this new database so that the vector data is in a different database than the imagery. OIT will not be able to upgrade to SDE 9.2 until the Oracle servers are upgraded from the current operating system version, Solaris 8.

Outcome: The separation of the vector and imagery data will continue. If the GIS Stakeholders choose, OIT will hold a meeting to further discuss the OIT GIS database.


Agenda Item #3: GIS Web Services

Three ESRI classes have been set up in Augusta : Introduction to ArcGIS Server on 10/17-10/18, Introduction to Programming ArcObjects Using the Microsoft .NET Framework on 11/19-11/21, and Developing Applications with ArcGIS Server Using the Microsoft .NET Framework on 12/10-12/12. There was a lot of discussion about the role of the GIS Web Services Subcommittee: formalizing the subcommittee, drafting a charter, regular meetings with minutes, regular updates to stakeholders, governance model, developing technical specifications for software and hardware, cost recovery, guideline development, and creating an admin group to administer the infrastructure. In the end, it was agreed to draft an outline of expectations for the GIS Web Services Subcommittee that would then be used by the subcommittee to develop specific tasks and goals that meet the business criteria as outlined in the GIS Stakeholders Strategic Plan.

Outcome: Christopher will draft a document for the stakeholders to review and pass to Don Katnik so that the GIS Web Services Subcommittee can review and finalize. The resulting document will be discussed at the 10/10 meeting.


Agenda Item #4: Hydrography and Other “Core” Data

OIT has gotten a $20,000 grant from USGS to work on adding the polygon attributes from the hydrography in the OIT GIS database to the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) 1:24,000 scale data. It was suggested that the Hydrography Subcommittee should be re-convened. The group was asked if MEGIS should maintain any “core” data that was not currently being maintained. After some discussion, it was decided that MEGIS should not maintain data that should be the responsibility of an agency but is open to the possibility of having MEGIS maintain some of the data.

Outcome: The Hydrography Subcommittee will be re-convened. MEGIS will create an inventory of data in the OIT GIS database, the data creator, and the agency responsible for maintenance (if any). The Stakeholders will look at the list of data before deciding whether or not MEGIS should maintain any of the data.


Agenda Item #5: Strategic Plan – Agency Priorities/Implementation Plan

The group briefly discussed the agency responses to the request for agency GIS priorities. Responses were completed by: DMR, ESCB, DEP, SPO, IF&W, and MGS. Priorities can be agency specific, apply to multiple agencies, or apply to all agencies. The priorities will need to be prioritized by the stakeholders.

Outcome: The date for the agencies to provide their GIS priorities was extended to 9/21. The agency priorities and implementation plan will be further discussed at the 10/10 meeting.