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May 9, 2007


  1. Review of Minutes of April 11 Meeting
  2. Review Business Aspects of the GIS Strategic Plan


Members Present

Nancy Armentrout, DOT

Seth Barker, DMR

Matthew Bampton, USM

Victor Chakravarty, OIT

Liz Hertz, SPO

Maria Jacques, PUC/ESCB

Nate Kane, DOT

David Kirouac, Chair, OIT

David Maxwell, DEP

Jason Sardano, SOS

Amy Spelke, PUC

Dan Walters, OIT


Agenda Item #1: Review Minutes of March 14 Meeting

Outcome: The minutes were approved unanimously without any modification.


Agenda Item #2: Discussion: Business Aspects of the GIS Strategic Plan

Liz started the discussion by probing the relationship between the Strategic Plan and the four domain documents, (ie, Data, Applications, Infrastructure, and Organization), arising out of the GIS Infrastructure Roadmap Workshop of Jan 24-25. David Kirouac noted that even though ESRI participated in the GIS Infrastructure Roadmap Workshop, the four domain documents are consciously as vendor-neutral as possible. Nate wondered about the endgame of this entire planning exercise, and more specifically, whether the four domain documents are attempting to reach an identical end-state. Dan reiterated that in spite of the length of time expended in the planning process, such planning documents have indeed added substantial value in the past. Maria, Liz and David Maxwell proposed that the Strategic Plan offer the overall vision, whereas, the four domain documents constitute the implementation plans. Maria raised the critical question of how the Strategic Plan might be different as a result of the transition from the Executive Council to the Stakeholder Committee, especially given the reduced emphasis on MEGIS performance in the current setup. Amy reiterated the importance of actually offering GIS applications to customers, as opposed to merely wordsmithing planning documents. Liz and David Maxwell proposed again that the Strategic Plan offer the overall vision, whereas, the implementation plans constitute appendices. There was unanimous agreement to their proposal. Nancy and Victor raised concerns about the usefulness of recommending four new positions as part of the Strategic Plan. David Maxwell proposed a more generic statement, such as, 'The State is committed to maintaining sufficient resources for servicing its GIS requirements'. Liz noted an added benefit of David Maxwell's proposal in that "resources" encompass both people and machines. David Kirouac asked if there was agreement on the six goals. Everyone voted their unanimous agreement to the six goals. Nancy then proposed creating specific objectives under the six goals. The rest of the meeting was devoted to collective online editing of these objectives. David Kirouac will email out the resulting document, as well as the latest version of the earlier Strategic Plan.

Outcome: A small group composed of Liz Hertz, Nancy Armentrout, Nate Kane, and David Kirouac was assigned the task of working on the “objectives” for the existing goals.