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July 11, 2007


  1. Review Minutes of June 13 Meeting
  2. Review Nancy 's Strategic Plan Draft
  3. Next steps - finishing up the Strategic Plan and Action Plan
  4. Organizational Update
  5. Joint Federal Grant Application


Members Present

Nancy Armentrout, OIT-DOT

David Blocher, OIT-DHHS

Victor Chakravarty, OIT-OCIO

Maria Jacques, ESCB

Nate Kane, DOT

David Kirouac, Chair, OIT-MEGIS

Christopher Kroot, OIT-DEP

Bob Marvinney, DOC-MGS

David Maxwell, OIT-DEP

Greg McNeal, OIT Core Tech

Amy Spelke, PUC

Dan Walters, USGS


Agenda Item #1: Review Minutes of June 13 Meeting

Christopher proposed an addendum to Item #2, Business Objectives of the GIS Strategic Plan: "The Stakeholders encountered some difficulty in precisely defining Goal, Objective & Strategy. Nancy will draft a set of first-cut definitions for subsequent vetting."

Outcome: David will amend the June 13 minutes accordingly. Everything else was approved without any modification.


Agenda Item #2: Review Nancy 's Strategic Plan Draft

Everybody welcomed Nancy 's definitions of Goal, Objective & Strategy. David Maxwell raised the issue of whether an Objective should always be measurable. After some follow-up discussion, the Stakeholders decided that measurability is a desirable trait for an Objective, but not an absolute necessity. Dan affirmed that these definitions are indeed aligned with those of the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC). Christopher questioned the phrase 'core service' in the context of Goal #3, since that phrase has historically been associated with MEGIS, whereas the Strategic Plan aims to encompass GIS activities throughout State Government. Dan added some more details on the scope of MEGIS. Maria urged the inclusion of the Department of Public Safety in the list of departments currently using GIS. Victor pointed out that there are four Roadmap documents, not five, as Personnel & Funding are absorbed under Organization. In the interest of best utilizing meeting time, Nate repeatedly urged the Stakeholders to discuss the actual Goals, Objectives & Strategies, rather than get bogged down in precise wordsmithing. Christopher & Nancy urged the inclusion of two additional objectives under goal #4 that would refer to Open Source Tools and Subscription-based Data & Services. Christopher took issue with the assertion that most ordinary users merely engage in visualizing spatial data. He also urged the inclusion of spatial analytics and embedded applications into the ever-increasing list of GIS usage. In the Conclusion section, Christopher urged de-emphasizing cost cutting, and instead emphasizing more effective and efficient delivery of GIS services.

Outcome: David will incorporate all these modifications, and email out the next draft.


Agenda Item #3: Next steps - finishing up the Strategic Plan and Action Plan

After a lot of discussion, it was decided that the four Roadmap documents will not be attached as appendices to the Strategic Plan, since they are not yet aligned with the Goals, Objectives & Strategies. It was acknowledged that there may indeed be individual action items in the Implementation Plan that serve multiple Goals, Objectives & Strategies. On a related note, the Stakeholders are urged to report back their comments on the updated Strategic Plan back to David, so that the entire body may vote on the Strategic Plan at the next meeting.

Outcome: David will convene a subcommittee, consisting of the Chairs of the four Roadmap subcommittees, (or their designees), and other interested parties, to create a holistic Implementation Plan that will be in alignment with the Goals, Objectives & Strategies. David will chair the first meeting of the Implementation subcommittee, after which it will elect its own chair. The Implementation subcommittee will, of course, report back to the entire Stakeholder Group.


Agenda Item #4: Organizational Update

Greg McNeal updated the Stakeholders on the replacement plan for the previous Enterprise Applications Director. More specifically, the responsibilities of the previous Enterprise Applications Director will be split into two positions: an Enterprise Applications Manager, and a GIS Administrator. The Enterprise Applications Manager will handle Email, Document Management, Secure FTP, and the Customer Support Application. The GIS Administrator will lead MEGIS, interface with the Stakeholders, represent the CIO in the Geo Library, and be a frontline GIS advocate in Maine State Government. Greg is currently working on the FJA-1. Greg intends to fill the GIS Administrator position ASAP.

Outcome: The process for filling the GIS Administrator position will continue with the intent of filling the position ASAP.


Agenda Item #5: Joint Federal Grant Application

Perhaps the GIS Stakeholders and the Geo Library could get together and make a joint Federal grant application to develop the Road Centerline and the National Hydrography Dataset ( Maine attributes).

Outcome: Further discussion is required on this front.