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Geospatial Data Working Group

Chair: Dan Walters, USGS, Board Member

Committee Members:

Workgroup Mission Statement

The Mission of the Geospatial Data Work Group is to design appropriate geospatial data standards and define the geospatial data needs and flows between all levels of government, the private sector and academia to permit the ongoing acquisition of multi- purpose geospatial data for Maine.  The workgroup will seek out a strong coalition of state, local, federal, private and non-profit partnerships to achieve this mission.

Orthoimagery Sub-Committee


Workgroup Mission Statement

The mission of the orthoimagery sub-group is to develop a program that leverages federal, state, local and private funding to provide statewide high resolution orthoimagery on an ongoing basis.  The Geolibrary’s goal is to establish a program that will provide this valuable data resource at a lower per square mile cost, at higher resolution and on a more regular schedule than could be accomplished by ad hoc projects of limited geographic area and funding.

Meeting Minutes

Maine GeoLibrary Orthoimagery Subcommittee Report and Recommendations

Maine GeoLibrary Orthoimagery Subcommittee Report Appendices

Orthoimagery Basemap Specifications for Maine

Click the following link to view a brief PowerPoint presentation summarizing Maine's orthoimagery program





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