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Orthoimagery Survey Results

The following organizations have accessed the orthoimagery supplied by the Maine GeoLibrary to download from the website, used internet browser to view aerial photography and/or brought the aerial photography viewer into GIS software as a data layer.

Organization Type Benefit Cost Savings Other GIS Layers
Air National Guard Other It is a great free source of public information. Have not found any imagery that is better than what you provide No need to purchase public information for data warehouses Newer imagery
Boyle Associates Business Use the data for due-diligence information on potential development areas, mapping of natural resource features, and for gaining information on areas prior to entering the field. Using the Orthos available through the GeoLibrary is quick and saves time vs. using CD data or purchasing aerials from other sources. Should link to the NRCS soil survey information; also NWI wetland maps would be helpful.
Bureau of Parks and Land State Government

Locating roads and abutters. Wish you fly some in the fall; we could also use it for timber types.

Looked up imagery for public lots for which we have no photos

Frequently download images for project preplanning, road changes, land use determination

Did not have to pay for imagery for a new project that happens to primarily be located in So. Maine.

Time saved to aid in finding a lot and aid in typing.

Saves from having to ground truth everything early in a project.

New SAT. imagery

Some areas of the state that re not covered well. Would like to see the whole state adequately covered with recent data.
Coastal Mountains Land Trust Non-profit Use imagery to produce baseline monitoring documentation of our conservation properties N/A Updated color photos of our service region which extends from Rockport to Prospect along the midcoast. Been waiting with great excitement for these updates.
DeLuca-Hoffman Assoc. Inc. Business The orthoimagery has helped our company in a number of ways. As a base plan for conceptual layouts of industrial, business/office parks and utility extensions. We were retained by the Cit of Saco to design an industrial park on approx. 70 acre parcel which the city owned. There were some physical restraints (wetland & topography) that needed to be known prior to the design of the project. With the use of the imagery and other features of the GeoLibrary we were able to offer the city a number of different options w/o a lot of up front costs to us or the city. The cost of having a topo/wetland survey would have been significant amount of money. A complete coverage of soil data, orthoimagery, the possible smaller intervals in the contour layer. One new data layer that would be helpful but can see as a larger task would be to add tax map data.
Dr. James Archeson, University of Maine Education   It will reduce the amount of time we will need to spend on the ground. Wish to see forest cover in townships in So. and Central Maine.
Forest Society of Maine Non-profit Resource analysis of properties. Using the imagery provides someone with a knowledge of photogrammetry to make an assessment of what they are seeing. When researching the conservation values of properties the more data the better. The ability of orthoimagery provided through the Maine GeoLibrary has saved us from having to do costly ground visits to get an initial understanding of the conditions of properties under consideration for conservation. More raster datasets, including the recently acquired SPOT satellite imagery. Raw imagery is often more useful to users who want to create their own derived products. Annual purchase of summer time (statewide) Landsat 5/7 imagery would be exceptional especially if it was available to be downloaded for free (or costs shared across agencies/partners). DOQs for the entire state, including NW Maine. Forestry users area a HUGE component of the GIS users in Maine.
Irving Woodlands LLC Business Helps identify and locate property lines, locate roads, identify hazards to harvesting (mostly swamps), identify the presence of very old forest roads, etc. Saves enormous amounts of field man-hours in the examples stated and many more. Complements our own imaging program by filling the gaps.  
  Personal Show my children different places in Maine that we visited and to let them choose new places to visit. We really enjoy "flying over" our beautiful state.    
Jim MacDougall Topsfield, MA Other Used the orthophoto to assess a piece of land I bought in China, ME N/A Better quality photos, accurate wetland boundaries, infrared ortho photos.
John Clark Univ. of Maine Education Studying GIS applications at the Univ. and have used the orthoimagery for a variety of projects. There is no way a college study could afford to buy this sort of product. It's a wonderful investment in developing the State's human resources, among it many other uses. Would like to see some higher resolution imagery for Eastern and Northern Maine.
Joseph Herlihy Business A real estate appraiser and use the information in researching properties I am appraising. It's ongoing, the aerial photos are very helpful in locating improvements on a site. I haven't had as much luck downloading information about wetlands. Soil types would be helpful, actually any information about land.
Mark Robinson Town of Fayette Municipal Government For my work as a municipal official Unknown, but I am sure they are significant. Not at this time.
Mitchell Geographics Business Using it for map making and assorted GIS data development projects for clients. IN WWF project we worked with 8 coastal towns interviewing town officials to identify WWF access points on screen. This process would have required days of field work w/o the imagery (for a lesser quality result) vs. 1/2 day in office. Parcels
No. Maine Development Commission Non-profit Used Maine GeoLibrary orthoimagery for site section, land use identification and project area description. Being in a rural area requires that we are fabricate much of the required mapping for any given project and being able to use imagery reduces cost in production and time. Would like to see an expanded parcel program that would actually aid in constructing the digital parcel data for all municipalities currently afforded only by those more affluent municipalities.
OIT/MeGIS State Government Use extensively for mapping and heads up digitizing of E911 roads. Using the imagery to digitize new roads saves us having to GPS collect them - a savings of probably $20,000-$30,000 per year.  
Pete Jolliffe Business Forestry helps with cover typing - can print and bring maps in the field, use it almost every day. Nothing specific - saves time though, something that may have taken 2 days without the imagery now takes less than 1 day. Would like to see municipal parcels, and more color of orthoimagery for more of the state.
Spatial Alternatives Business The orthoimagery is an invaluable resource for work with Maine municipalities. Have used it to increase the accuracy of existing base map data, to provide maps for towns with no other GIS information, and a variety of other projects Have used the orthophotos to produce Level 2 parcel data for towns that had no previous orthophotography. Those towns would not have been able to create such accurate base data without this resource. Making the photos and related information available to the towns for photogrammetry work would be exceptionally helpful. This would allow a variety of projects requiring data gathering from the photography to move forward. Being able to define a project area and download the clipped data would also greatly enhance the work that I do. The time spent downloading; merging, projecting and clipping data is a costly addition to projects.
SRI International Non-profit To view information for project No need to purchase information for hundreds of dollars Not sure
US Fish and Wildlife Services Other To digitize features; use as a backdrop for maps; use for navigation in the field Saved the cost of flying certain areas to obtain imagery. Town parcels, NHD at 24K, 24K public lands including town-owned properties (with a complete database describing the status of the property - current database is too brief).
Washington Valuations Business Brunswick uses the GIS system for their zoning maps.    
Winrock International Non-profit Ability to study land use and land changes Saves time and money and energy to look in one place for GIS data needs Updated land use images
Univ. of So. Maine/Maine GIS Education Consortium Education We use the orthos for teaching in many ways. It is used for background for maps, GPS data collection, for land use interpretation, and even for an introduction to GIS and remote sensing to get younger students excited. Researchers can use it to map features for their research. Geologists use it to create base maps for field work Land use satellite images, but other than that, so many great data layers...great work!
SGC Engineering LLC Business Overlay onto surveys for estimation and field checks Trip to field to look at a site vs. looking at coverage online  
Walter Wefel Land Surveyor Preliminary survey with ArcPad Cadastral overlay on MEDOQs’s Terrestrial/GPS measurements on MEDOQs’s Less wandering around with a compass. Better conceptualizing of deed lines, better understanding of shoreland zone/riparian/wetland issues, better communication with client Unorganized territory parcel lines (Bureau of Taxation) LURC regulatory parcels MDOT control points/ROW monuments Town cadastral layer
Maine Drinking Water Program State Government Significantly improves out ability to map and track land use in public water supply source protection areas, also an excellent public education tool for source protection awareness. Having high-quality seamless coverage has greatly reduced the time needed to make base maps for water supplies. A map that formerly took more than a day is not a couple of hours work.  
Lakes Environmental Association Education The orthoimagery has allowed us to create and update land use files for help with phosphorus loading watershed models, town comprehensive planning and TMDLS. It has also helped us rectify parcel data. Creating high quality land use data would be impossible for our organization to do without recent, high resolution ortho images. We do not have the funds to pay for an outside contractor to fly and ortho rectify images so we would be unable to develop land use data which we use for models and provide (free of charge) to the towns we work in. Periodic updates of the ortho images are always appreciated. Accurate and current land use files are needed or many areas as well. Parcel data is always nice, although rapidly changing.
Woodlot Alternatives Inc. Business Use the orthos as a base map image for a lot of our general mapping needs. Using the orthos speeds up our mapmaking time resulting in an overall savings in production time. Mosaics made from the orthos for city or county scale mapping by reducing the resolution of the imagery and increasing the area covered by the photography. It would save time downloading and computer processing time.
Dept. of Marine Resources State Government Routinely integrate the IMS service into ArcInfo sessions. Usually as backdrop for orientation. Intranet based usage. Used imagery as base layer for marine resource mapping project. Simple and fast. Intranet based usage. Almost any base map layer including marine features through SDE access (Intranet).
Gorrill-Palmer Consulting Engineers Business Use orthos for preliminary design and for various maps in GIS Significant Use many layers that are already available in the GIS catalog. Would like to see everything you have available to the public.
Biodiversity and Spatial Information Center State Government Using for habitat modeling of wildlife populations N/A Detailed soils, roads, LiDAR
Maine DEP State Government Before we had access to the color, high-resolution ortho, we would usually use USGS DRGs for a quick base map (almost never used B&W DOQs). The newest DRGs were probably late 80s / early 90s vintage, so having updated, recent orthos to use as a base map really helps to improve the timeliness of the data we either generate or qa/qc (edit) during projects. Although we do understand the benefits provided by the orthos, we really cannot provide specific cost savings figures. Not at this time
SW Cole Engineering Inc. Business Use as base maps for geological projects N/A N/A
Corner Post Land Surveying Business Use this information for survey job planning and to better relate information to our clients. Doesn't’t save us a particular dollar amount, but rather allows us to better serve our clients and keep them more informed in a manner they can more easily understand. Town zoning lines might be helpful, though this would be a difficult task. We work primarily in York County. So. Maine Regional Planning has this sort of line work for many of the local towns; maybe something could be worked out with them? Your other GIS layers such as FIRM lines, NWI and endangered animals have all been very helpful, Thank you.
Frankford Mutual Aid Fire Training Assoc. Non-profit We use the imagery for response logistics. Mostly landing zone (life flight, medivac) and water resource locations. No cost savings - just convenience and added knowledge N/A
Brown Univ. Education Compare coastal wetlands against hyperspectral data, map coastal resources and coastal changes. Data provides an excellent “ground truth” Trying to map wetlands through hyperspectral imagery. To “ground truth” our data, requires a check on the ground. With an orthophoto, can check in a small location and infer about other locations. With no orthos could not accomplish any accurate ground truth, or would be required to manually map the entire system or obtain our own photos. To manually map the system would require over 3 weeks of intensive manual labor by 2 individuals (say 240 hours or $12,000) Updates on orthos as often as they occur. The system is great.
Cumberland County EMA Other The CCEMA has used the imagery as a base layer in map products, to more accurately locate shelters and other facilities, and to produce better information for detour plans, threat assessment, flood hazards, preplanning, scenario development and related estimates. Since many of the questions the EMA deals with are spatial in nature, we just know intuitively that having the orthos available for projects has saved this agency time (which is money) and has been a very effective part of our GIS – that does add value to our projects. But, unfortunately we have no specific, quantifiable examples of cost savings to report. Layers that show the locations of agricultural activities, orchards, and cattle, dairy, and poultry farms. Data that indicates typical air / airflow patterns.
Town of York Municipal Government We can augment our own 2005 aerial photography that is exclusive to the Town of York, with imagery that exists outside of our borders No None at the moment
Town of Gorham Maine Municipal Government Used aerial photographies to show locations of parcels requesting zone changes, show locations for bidding documents, and also for planning board reference material. No  
Portland Pipe Line Corp Business When a landowner contacts us regarding a proposed development along our pipelines, we often review the orthoimagery as the quickest way to gain an accurate understanding of how the proposal relates to our pipelines and to existing land use and buildings. This has been increasingly true as the image quality has been improved from south to north along our pipelines, which run from So. Portland to Gilead in Maine.

Saves 15 minutes in image searching, and can obviate a field inspection visit. We have used the Aerial Photo Viewer to help us prepare permit applications for MDEP and MBLM. Maintaining the imagery up to date will be important for our uses. Municipal tax mapping, Surficial geology, Surficial hydrology. Probably the GeoLibrary already offers other data that would be useful is we knew of it and how to sue it; getting the work out would help. I only found the Aerial Photo Viewer by accident and work of mouth.
Aerial Survey and Photo Inc Business As a commercial mapping vendor, we have used the orthophotography as a substitute for planimetric base maps in digitizing and recompiling municipal tax maps. We estimate that for a town of approximately 2000 parcels, the savings in a tax mapping project is $20,000 or more by using the orthoimagery. For the future, a second round of digital imagery sometime around the year 2015 would be worth considering. Perhaps at the 1 ft pixel resolution for the current 2 ft pixel area.
Wells NERR State Government non-profit Highly detailed imagery of coastal Maine accessible at single site in single layer Substantial time savings over searching multiple sites Comprehensive index of cartographic and imager from different scales, dates and sources for Maine e.g. historic topo maps, NRCS and AMS air photos. Etc. Ability to “drill”
Town of Farmington Municipal Gov Use to clarify lot lines, etc.    
SAD 44 School Board Education To better picture boundaries, tree growth, and recreational trails on private woodlot The imagery would otherwise require the chartering of a private aircraft for over flight photography None I can itemize; first referral to this source. Thanks!
Private Citizen Other To locate land recently inherited Surveyor costs  
Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Wells Water District Other Utilized the photos as a planning tool for our water utility. Evaluating pipeline routes, using them as a base layer in ArcGIS for all spacial survey work. By having geo-referenced photos we save considerable time in doing preliminary surveys for water main extensions, evaluating land use within our aquifer area, and providing an aerial view that is extremely helpful in customer service issues. Helping communities with creating/updating their parcel mapping.
AMES A/E Business Survey & Mission Planning; possible boundary search areas by treeline; cut line; field; old roadways; put into AutoCAD map as meters and convert to US Survey feet.    
Personal   To view specific properties prior to purchasing a home. Saved a lot of gasoline Property plot maps
Town of Windham Municipal Government Have used internet browser to view Aerial Photography Viewer    
WBRC Architects & Engineers Business Very useful for preplanning project scoping analysis, and as a tool for broad-based land use studies. Often used prior to low-level photogrammetric or land survey RFP requests for client visualization. Time savings vs. scanning older paper maps, ortho-referenced files seamlessly join together into single Civil 3-D base map for site selection projects.  
Maine Geological Survey State Gov As a detailed, large-scale base map for sites that require more detailed base information than what is represented on topographic maps. Excellent previewer that can be used in the office for field sites. Reduces/eliminates cost of scanning or otherwise acquiring detailed base layers for projects that require them. Saves time in locating field sites.  
Edwards & Kelcey Business As an engineering/environmental consulting firm, using the orthoimagery as a basemap is vital to determining site conditions, historical uses, and site planning. In application where site basemaps are used for planning purposes only, the orthoimagery provides a cheap, but detailed picture of a site, saving significant costs of generating our own aerial or surveyed plans. Maine Geological Survey bedrock well maps, higher resolution orthoimagery for the remained of the state; DEP petroleum, spill, and hazardous waste site locations.
Town of Raymond Municipal Gov The Maine GeoLibrary Orthoimagery was used to align the Town of Raymond tax maps. The imagery has also been used in code enforcement matters   Hill shades
Maine Forest Service State Gov Used aerial photography to evaluate harvest operations, also to find boundary lines and reference points on the ground. It is a lot cheaper to download images rather than fly over the site.  
Maine Home & Hearth Business Look up building development parcels No need to drive to area to see its scope  
R Sutton Business Use it as easily accessible base data to give context to other analytical layers Using imagery as web service saves a huge amount of time that would be required for physical downloads Conservation lands (protected open space) as a feature service
D Parker Business Overlay woodlot stand types on top of the photos for forest management planning Go to a woodlot with the photo in hand and co go directly to features located on the photos Elevations
Maine DOT State Gov MEDOT uses this imagery to assist us in many different activities: from general references on paper maps and map images to a quality assurance tool in creating or maintaining various datasets. Cost savings occur whenever an employee can acquire the information they need without having to travel to that physical location. They also occur whenever MEDOT can create any tools to help establish a common visual or spatial understanding with fellow employees or external partners and customers. Although forma analysis has not been conducted to quantify this, the availability of this data assists us in the mentioned efforts.  
MAINE DOT State Gov Cost savings occur whenever an employee can acquire the information they need without having to travel to that physical location. They also occur whenever MEDOT can create any tools to help establish a common visual or spatial understanding with fellow employees or external partners and customers. Although formal analysis has not been conducted to quantify this, the availability of this data assists us in the mentioned efforts.  
University of New England Non-profit education Use the orthoimagery for course work in GIS, Oceanography, and Ecology classes. Acquiring similar imagery through commercial services would be cost prohibitive for teaching purposes. In past, have acquired NHAP photography at costs of several hundred dollars for a limited number of images through EROS data center. Not sure
Personal   I can learn more about Maine No other reasonable source available Roads, bridges, and transportation funding
MaineDOT Property Office State Gov We are exploring the possibility of obtaining orthoimagery and an index. Not at this point; MaineDOT has a very large collection of aerial photographs covering nearly sixty years. We frequently obtain MEGIS imagery. It does seem likely; landcover is an area of some current interest.
Sargent Corp. Business To view properties Savings from not having to have custom flights to photograph properties  
Univ. of Maine/Cooperative Extension Education Made screen grabs of Maine orchard locations. Images given to growers for use as orchard management tools to specify monitoring, field work, and harvesting locations.  Great resource! Not measured High resolution color photos available for northern half of the state. 0.5 foot color images for Cumberland County are excellent quality. Would like to see coverage extended to provide photos for all 'populated' areas of Maine and updated at regular intervals (at least every 5 years, more frequently would be even better). Would be nice to have higher resolution than 1024 available through the viewer. Even going to 1280 would make a big difference.
Consultant City of Augusta Working on the CSO long term control plan for the City of Augusta. The imagery is useful because we can see the CSO drainage boundaries and impervious area.    
EES, Inc. Business The mapping is fantastic and very user friendly. Have used many of the natural resource aps (wetlands, essential wildlife, rivers, etc.) for an environment report for the Federal Gov. Did not have to buy these maps, saved hundreds of dollars Historic landmarks.
Blue Raven Consultation Business Provide client aerial views of house, observe sediment runoff and topography.   Needs updated detailed photos of the Liberty Montville areas.
Central Maine Medical Center Non-profit We use aerial views with our hazwaste and emergency response submissions None really, just better situational clarity  
Northeast States Emergency Consortium Non-profit Aids greatly in emergency management planning Presently working with York County Emergency Management. The GeoLibrary has resulted in a 100% cost savings for our program. We are a non-profit organization and do not charge state or local governments for our support. Hazardous waste site data layers, hazard data layers, better road networks for Kennebunkport, etc.
Colonial Surveying Company, LLC Business In the preparation of proposals, reduces the needs to visit the site prior to the award of a contract Recently found it helpful and time saving when trying to establish an easement location from a poorly written legal description. Needs are currently being met.
City of Bangor/Engineering Municipal Gov Recently acquired the color photography of the Bangor area and plan to use it as a base layer to begin creation of GIS for Bangor Not sure what it would cost if we had to have a consultant do color photography of this quality but it would be significant Because we have not yet begun creation of GIS, have not been able to look at the data layers that the MEGIS has available. Detailed soils maps from the most recently surveys would be very useful. A layer showing impervious areas would also be very useful.
Mainely Earth Images Other Used 1 ft orthos to support creating over 12 new GIS maps at 1:24,000 scale for towns comprehensive plan. To create one map of all the structures (commercial and residential) in the town used photo interpretation skills and onscreen digitizing to create a point file of over 1000 points.   Having the surficial and bedrock geologic quad maps as shapefiles would be a great addition.
UMF Education Use the imagery extensively with students in GIS/geography classes. Estimate 10/8" image for 20 students for four or five labs/semester the savings are close to $1,000 Not sure at this time
Maine Public Service Company Other Use as a reference when using GPS data Not sure of the cost is purchased, once had cost but never been able to budget it Water depths, road and ROW widths of a municipal roads
Washington Academy Education Download orthoimagery to enhance map layers and to identify locations that have yet to be coded or mapped into a database format. As a teacher, I would not have been able to affort aerial images. It would be of great help if a layer could be created showing school unions, SADS, etc. as a layer.
Washington Academy Education Participating in a schoolGIS project sponsored by the Island Institute and the National Science Foundation. Use the imagery as layers for our school project map once the higher resolution guads are available for the Washington County areas. The MEGIS imagery is all we have used on our project. It has savid our shcool from having to purchase 3rd party data. Keep em coming! Have used layers didn't even know existed. Thank you for providing this valuable resource free to our school.
Boyle Associates Business Wetland and land use consulting, permit applications, land search for alternatives analyses Time - avoid walking/driving several sites if we can mark them off in the office NRCS soils, NWI wetlands by quad (by watershed takes longer), new color orthophotos, infrared aerial imagery
Woods Hole Group, Inc. Business ME orthoimagery is used for a basemap on GIS figures and is used for a basemap during field survey work - this type of information is ideal when working/performing investigations in the coastal zone. DOQQs are preferable to topos or NOAA charts. High resolution, color DOQQs are best - would love to see them available for download or purchase on the ME GIS website We suppose we have saved money when using the ME GIS orthoimagery because we did not have to purchase aerial photographs (and georeference them) from other private vendors. This can provide a significant cost savings if high quality imagery is available, due to the cost of flights, materials, and labor. We often still need to purchase aerial photos from private vendors because the orthoimagery available from your website is inadequate for geomorphological analyses of shoreline change. Providing a comprehensive orthoimagery library would be excellent...also an improved method for identifying which tiles are needed for download (if they exist).  Thought your Aerial Photography Viewer was slow and cumbersome.Maybe providing a PDF index would be quicker to use than finding and downloading the index file to load into ESRI.  Thanks for all your help. Look forward to seeing how you incorporate the survey results into the data library and website layout.
CarriageHouse Conculting, Inc. Business We use the orthoimagery as a base for maps and GIS presentations No time on the phone or email contacting individuals for data Maine does a fantastic job (you have surpassed MA and NH) supplying data. The viewer works great, the metadata is very complete and helpful and any questions are promptly and correctly answered.
AE Hodsdon Engineers Business Used every day for soil test location, mapping, preliminary planning to fill in survey gaps Cannot imagine working the old way i.e. topo maps, compass, etc. Time savings using GIS/GPS cuts work in half on some jobs and you actually know where things are. More of the color ortho-imagery - this is the most valuable information. The tax map data will be very useful when available.
Verizon Maine Business Presently using both high-resolution and low-resolution images via the WMS server into MapInfo Professional for the purpose of digitizing various telephone network assets. Without the "free" images from OGIS, it would be necessary topurchase the images from an outside vendor or utilize less accurate adn detailed base layers for digitizing. Would like to see USGS topo maps (DLGs) available via the WMS server. Understand they are already available on an individual download basis.
Will Barnum Other Use the orthoimagery to do recon for forestry field work as well as delineate stands The use of free imagery online allows me to use air photos without paying a private company for them.  
Oxford Hills Technical School Education Maps are used with Arc Map 9.0 to plan emergency response for our school and district.    
USDA APHIS PPQ Other   Imagery was not needed to be obtained from other sources Land Parcel Maps