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About Us

The mission of the GeoLibrary is to create an electronic gateway to public geographic information, and to expand and promote the value of geographic spatial data through widespread distribution and innovative use for the benefit of Maine's citizens. To read about our legislative directives, please click "Legislation" on the right side menu.

Recent Highlights

Orthophotography: The Maine Orthoimagery program is initiating its third year of acquisitions. The 2014 partnership includes Hancock and Penobscot Counties, Maine Office of GIS, Maine Department of Transportaion, Maine Emergency Management Agency and the Maine Public Utilities Emergency Services Communication Bureau. The 2014 acquisiton will include 24" resolution base level imagery or better for all of Hancock conuty and one third of Penobscot county. In addition 12 communities in Hancock County and 5 communities in Penobscot County are buying up to higher resolution imagery. It is estimated that each community purchasing higher resolution imagery is saving on average $20,000 each. This would put total savings to communities participating in the program for 2014 at $340,000. The estimated savings for communities in 2012 and 2013 is $600,000 bringing our total benefit to communities so far to nearly $1,000,000 in avoided costs.

Lidar for ME: In 2013 the GeoLibrary coordinated another broad partnership for LiDAR acquisition. Working with the Maine office of GIS, Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, Maine Department of Transportation, Maine Department of Health and Human Services Drinking Water Program and Maine Emergency Management Agency the Board was able to leverage federal funding from the United States Department of Agriculture, Federal Emergency Management Agency and the United States Geological Survey to acquire just over 2,000 square miles of data in northern Kennebec, Cumberland and York counties. This acquisition will provide for the completion of highresolution datasets for these three counties. In this acquistion the Board was able to leverage over $550,000 in federal funds with just $55,000 in state agency funds.


GeoParcels: The Board working with the Maine Office of GIS has made significant progress in completing the Maine GeoParcels dataset and in January of 2014 launched the Maine GeoParcel Viewer. Parcel data for nearly 80 % of Maine's communites is now available on line in one single data layer source.

2009 Strategic Plan: The Strategic Plan serves the same purpose for the GeoLibrary Board as a Comprehensive Plan does for a municipality--it is meant to guide the actions of the GeoLibrary for the next five to ten years. Read more about the process and download the plan.

Updated Orthoimagery Recommendations: The Orthoimagery Subcommittee of the GeoSpatial Data Working Group has developed recommendations on how to procure updated aerial imagery for Maine. Since there is little to no national market for high-resolution imagery for Maine, acquiring updated imagery must be driven from within the state. Check out the report to see what the base program would look like, and how buy-ups from towns, counties, regions, or companies could be organized to upgrade the final product. The recommendations call for areas to be updated every three or five years. Visit the GeoSpatial Data Working Group page to download the report and appendices.

Projects and Services

MEGIS/GeoLibrary Web Mapping Services: The Maine Office of GIS and the GeoLibrary Board are proud to present a number of OGC-compliant web mapping services; read about them on our projects page.


Maine GeoNews: THE email list to subscribe to for all GIS discussion in Maine! Click here to sign up.



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