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Policy on Data Submissions

Policy: Submission of data sets to the GeoLibrary from sources outside State Agencies

The objective of this policy is to provide a general framework for the submission of geospatial data to the Maine GeoLibrary that are not created or developed by state agencies and are not funded by the GeoLibrary .


There are two types of data submissions that the GeoLibrary will address.

  1. Metadata - Metadata can be submitted by any data custodian to the GeoLibrary Portal. The metadata can refer to locally held geospatial data sets, or to online spatial data available for public access via OGC-compliant services. The portal will serve as a metadata registry, intended to be a 'card catalog' type repository. Metadata submittals are defined in the portal catalog application and must adhere to a specified standard.
  2. Geospatial Data Sets - The GeoLibrary will take delivery of copies of volunteered spatial data sets, and will host these data sets and provide viewing and download access to the public. It is these datasets that are affected by the policy outlined below.


This data policy is based upon the following principles:

  1. Public information is a necessary component of the democratic process and open government.
  2. The value of geospatial data is realized through its usage.
  3. Widespread distribution and use of public geodata benefits all sectors of the community and should be available to support economic, environmental and social needs.
  4. In their role as data custodians, the GeoLibrary Board has a responsibility to make data available for citizen access in a manner consistent with its Legislative mandate.

Spatial data sets will be accepted and maintained by the GeoLibrary if the following requirements are met:

  1. The GeoLibrary Board reviews and approves acceptance of spatial content that enhances and/or expands the GeoLibrary Collection.

    Acceptance of data will be dependent on availability of resources and at the discretion of the GeoLibrary Board as GeoLibrary holdings continue to expand.
  2. The data set is of interest to the state Agencies.
  3. The data custodian or owner signs a digital data release form absolving the GeoLibrary Board of any liability issues.
  4. The data custodian provides metadata for the data sets in accordance with the international geospatial metadata standard (ISO19115/19139, or migrates the metadata to the standard for access through the GeoLibrary Portal. At a minimum the metadata describing mapped themes and features should inform the user of its contents, locational accuracy, source, date of observation (currency), compilation lineage, and owner.
  5. The staff supporting the GeoLibrary Board verifies that the file formats of the spatial data meet the GeoLibrary standards.
  6. The data custodian agrees that no restrictions will be placed on its re-use of the data sets which may be used to create derivative data or commercial products, including, but not limited to, a revision, modification, translation, abridgement, condensation, expansion, collection, compilation, or any other form of, or modification to, the contributed data set.
  7. The data custodian gives up the right to regulate distribution of the contributed data sets through its claim of ownership as a copyright.
  8. Data records deemed to be restricted for reasons of privacy protection will not be accepted for inclusion in the GeoLibrary.
  9. The GeoLibrary Board will obtain from users, acceptance of full responsibility for their use of data files which come with no warranty of any type.

Draft 3: Submission of data sets to the GeoLibrary from sources outside state agencies

Approved June 7, 2006





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